Introduction: Fidget Spinner (using Bike Chain) in 90 Seconds - DIY

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This is how to make a Fidget Spinner using a bicycle chain.

A toy called Fidget Spinner solves a real hype right now.

It is designed to soothe the nerves, relieve stress and increase concentration: a small toy called Fidget Spinner.

In the USA the colorful fingertips have spread rapidly in the past months, now the toy trend has also arrived in Germany.

If you want a special one, build one with a bike chain and your friends will be amazed

Check my YOUTUBE tutorial here DIY Fidget Spinner (using bike chain) in 90 seconds and leave a comment below.

Thanks my friend :-)

Have a nice day.

Step 1: You Need:

-an old Fidget Spinner....or one of the ball-bearings

-one nut

-one bolt

-cable ties /zip ties

-bike chain

-and one of the bike chain elements ( open) or a bike chain lock

Step 2: Start

Put the bike chain in front of you as you can see at the photo.

Run the cable connector and pull it a little.

Close the chain with the lock...

Step 3: Next

Put the ball-bearing in the middle of the chain...

And tighten the cable tie.......

Straighten the chain a little bit.....and cut of the end of the cable tie....

Step 4: The Middle

Now put the bolt through the ball-bearning and turn the nut.....

Step 5: Ready to GO !!

Have FUN and a NICE DAY :-)

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