Introduction: DIY Fidget Spinners!

This project is for those of you looking to make your own DIY fidget spinner that can rival those of your friends!!! It does require for you to have access to a 3-D printer, but it isn't hard for you to locate one at nearby stores or places around you. You will also need to buy a few materials but it will still be cheaper than a factory made spinner. We think that our fidget spinner is better than factory made ones because ours has better look, feel, and the best part is the time and energy that you spend customizing your fidget spinner. The time and efforts that you put into making and designing your spinner make it that much better and fun.

For those of you who don't have access to a 3-D printer or those of you who just want to get your hands on a customizable fidget spinner, we are exploring the idea of selling our fidget spinners to you. We aren't sure how much demand there would be, so if you are interested, please leave a comment below.

Step 1: Materials

This is relatively inexpensive, but does require materials that would be hard to get. If you can't get these materials, you could consider buying one from us, and we could customize it to your taste.

3-D printer- This printer will be doing most of the work for you, and will print out your fidget's body

3-D Printing Plastic- This plastic is specially designed for 3-D printing, and can be bought near a local store

Bearings- Bearings give the fidget spinner weight and allow it to spin for a long time, you can buy these bearings for under a dollar on Ebay.

A computer- You can find SketchUp, or any program that allows you to create a prism.

Customization Tools- Anything that you want to be on your spinner, such as any colors, logos, can be bought. Remember, be creative!

Step 2: Designing

To design, grab your computer and start experimenting with different prototypes, and try to create whatever you want on your spinner. We recommend having 2-3 arms on your spinner, as they spin faster and are more economical. In the our fidgets, you can see that the body is very well designed and printed. It is essential to have a good base, or the spinner won't spin.

To begin printing, send the software to your 3-D printer and insert the printing plastic. Keep in mind, that printing can take hours, so plan ahead and have patience.

Step 3: Customizing Your Spinner

To customize your spinner, use whatever you want! We used acrylic paint as it finishes with a smooth touch and is pretty easy to use. Just make sure that your paint doesn't get stuck at the center as it will hinder the spinner from spinning. You can make so many cool designs with this, such as painting a logo, or adding lights to your spinner. Once your done, you have to let the spinner dry, and then you can pop your bearings in.

Try giving it a spin! You have just created a spinner that everyone will be jealous of!

Step 4: Reflection

The spinner that you have just created is according to your taste and will suit you perfectly. This spinner can be made however you want, and can be painted again if you want to change the color. Making the spinner yourself is more memorable than just buying any expensive old spinner.

Speaking of price, this spinner is much more economical than spinners on the market. It has more capacity for change and performs just as good, if not better.

Step 5: Buying a Spinner

If you can't get any of the materials or if you just want to get a spinner without building, you can buy one from us. Although you can't customize it yourself, we will take exactly what you want and make it for you. It will still be very economical and we have many designs and the software for them, such as the Batman one above. We have made many spinners like this, so we can also design complicated designs that might not be easy for you. We hope that you have fun with your spinner and have learnt something from making it.

Note: We haven't started selling yet, as we want to get an idea for the interest in buying. If you would like to buy a spinner or have a question please comment below and we will answer it.

Step 6: Email for Buying Spinners