Introduction: DIY LED Fire Lamp

About: I'm from India and love making projects on electronics, specially with arduino. Internet is the only guidance I have and I've been into these since I was 11.

Fire represents so much more than just the combustion of fuel in oxygen, it is an emotion of warmth.

In this Instructable, we will make a lamp that gives the ambiance of something like a fireplace using a neopixel matrix and cotton as a diffuser.

For those who prefer watching a video tutorial instead, the following is one for the same project.

Step 1: Ingredients

Neopixel Matrix (I am using 8x8)

ESP8266 (You can use any Arduino compatible board, just be careful with the data out pin)

USB cable for ESP


Logic Level Shifter

For the frame I used 3d printed triangles to make a pyramid to support the cotton, you can do the same with metal wires and bending them into triangles.

Optional: 3D printed enclosures

Step 2: Connections and Build

As mentioned in the previous step that the 3d printed parts are optional and not essential for the project, but because I already had the enclosures from the previous project I did, I used them.

Now to make the frame of metal wires, you need to bend them in a way so that you can support the cotton. I had 3d printer with so I just went with the small and quickly printed triangles which then made into the pyramid.

The connections are pretty easy and straightforward, follow the picture above.

And one tip, the neopixels from china are clones of the original WS2812B, but we wouldn't even notice because they work exactly the same, or even better sometimes! So, according to the type of clone you have you might not need to use the logic level converter, that is, the neopixels you have could accept 3.3v logic level, mine did not so I had to use a logic level converter.

You need to install the fastled library in the Arduino IDE and then download the code from this link.
Make sure to change the pin number for the DOUT according to the connections you made.


To put in preferences:

The code:

Step 3: Voila!

That’s it!

Great, now we have an amazing and beautiful ambient fire cloud lamp with us which keeps our mood warm. I hope you enjoyed the instructable.

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