Introduction: DIY Fireless Fireworks!

For Canada's 150th my brother and I made our very own reusable, fireless fireworks that are much safer than traditional fireworks*.

*These fireless fireworks are not completely safe. Precaution must still be taken while building and launching these fireworks. Attempt at your own risk.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Very few items are needed to build these fireworks, we managed to find everything by quickly walking through our basement, but you could also find everything needed for this project at the dollar store.

To build the fireworks you will need:

  • fairy lights
  • a 250ml water bottle
  • duck tape
  • a bicycle pump
  • an inflation needle
  • a cork
  • water

Step 2: Tape on the Fairy Lights!

To give your fireless firework a firework look, tape the fairy lights around the bottle using the duck tape. Make sure to not cover any of the LEDs with the duck tape.

Step 3: Prepare Your Launching Mechanism

To launch the fireless firework, we will be using a very well used technique for launching water rockets. To build our launcher, we will stick an inflation needle through a cork. Then attach the inflation needle to the pump. Your launcher is complete!

Step 4: Launch Your Firework!

To launch your firework, all you need to do is put a small amount of water inside your water bottle, then plug it with the cork. Hold your firework upright by placing a small loop on the side of the water bottle, and slide it over a dowel stuck in the ground to hold it up. To launch your rocket, just start pumping! When enough pressure builds up in the rocket, you fireless firework will sore into the sky!

WARNING: Even though this firework doesn't contain fire, it will still really hurt when it hits you in the face. Do not aim your firework at any people, animals, buildings, vehicles, or anything other than the sky. Only launch in large open areas so to not hit anything when the rocket. Please, launch this firework responsibly and at your own risk.

Step 5: Tips

If you are at all like me, your first launch will be anti-climactic because something will go wrong. That is okay! Here is a list of tips to help you get your firework off the ground and give the most impressive light show!

  1. Don't use a lot of water, you only need just enough to cover the cork by about an inch to make sure air doesn't escape.
  2. Aim your firework up, it is not as fun to see your firework shoot into the ground as it is to shoot into the sky!
  3. Definitely use the dowel to hold up your rocket, it is very dangerous to hold the rocket as someone else pumps it up, and you are guaranteed a much straighter and more impressive flight if the firework goes straight.
  4. Make sure you don't land your firework in your neighbours yard, as they tend to land a little bit destructively and you don't want someone after you for killing their favourite petunia.
  5. Experiment! The more you experiment and try new things, the better your firework will become. Just be safe and experiment at your own risk.

Step 6: Watch the Video!

Guess what? My brother and I made a video explaining how to build your very own fireless firework! Please give it a watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel! The video is embedded into this step.

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