Introduction: DIY Fix for Your Broken Apple Laptop Charger!

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Hey everyone, and welcome back to another Ben Builds instructable!

In this instructable, we will go over one of the most common modes of failure of an Apple laptop charger, cord failure. As the cord is used repeatedly, it starts to break and fray along the connector end and at the end connecting it to the charging box. In this instructable and video, we tackle the problem with a DIY replacement using a new cable from eBay.

Ok then, lets get started!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

On the video I go over all of the steps in this instructable in detail and with moving pictures!

It'll probably help if you watch the above video before proceeding. If not, just keep reading on, all the info you need is included in the instructable, but I guarantee if you want to actually attempt this yourself, watching the video is the best plan.

Step 2: Gather the Gear!

This repair works on Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air chargers, though the process documented here is that for a MacBook Pro the same rules apply for the Air charger except that you will need to buy the cable for the Air models.

Here are the links to where you can purchase the replacement cable from eBay for your given MacBook model:

MacBook Pro:

MacBook Air:

Step 3: Crack It Open. Like a White Apple Egg.

First you should use a small common screwdriver to pry along the edge of the case where the cord goes into the box. Apple glues or ultrasonically welds their cases together so be prepared to use considerable force.

Once you get it started, take a pair of flat pliers and put them into the corner piece of the case and spread it apart. This should break the majority of the glue seal that is holding both halves together.

Step 4: Extract the Electronics

Once you open the case you'll see what looks like a city of electronics components stuffed in as tightly as possible.

You will need to locate the connections on the circuit board where the charging cable enters the board and use your soldering iron to melt the solder and pull them out.

STOP! Please, please, please save yourself the trouble of destroying the power supply circuitry in your computer and make note of what color wire goes where and make sure to solder it exactly as you found it.

Step 5: Desolder and Resolder

Get the soldering iron hot and heat the blobs of solder and pull out the cables. Replace with the same color of the new cable. Then piece back together the copper shielding that was taped over the entire package.

Step 6: Put Back the Package

Take the reassembled electronics package and put it back in the case like you originally found it.

Take care to make sure that the copper foil you put back is in the correct orientation and properly taped up.

Take the top of the case and fit the corners back into the sides and lightly press it shut.

Step 7: Glue and Clamp

Take the reassembled power box and apply a generous amount of superglue to the edges and clamp it together to let it dry.

You're done! Plug it into the wall and into your Mac and enjoy a revitalized charger for less than $7 delivered!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next Instructable!

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