Introduction: DIY Flexible PCB

Some Months ago, I tested idea about flexible PCB. and results were good.

I just uploaded some pics on instructables but rejected cause there are not enough documentation.

i'm Korean so editing documentation in English is some hard. and So busy long times.

now i re-publish this.

there are very Thin copper plate in train model shop(or other model shop,.. anyway)

about 0.001~0.003" are good. I used 0.001 and 0.002.

Step 1: Toner Transfer

do the same way just Toner Tranfer Method. do on copper sheet.


after etched, you can solder like normal PCB

The most important part, is to adhere tightly the copper plate and tape here.

If you miss small gap between tape and copper sheet,

there will be etching acid and copper sheet cannot protected.

Step 2: Result

this test was some months ago, it was cold so etching time takes long.

while do something i forgot this so it takes about 3 hours.,

the pattern is almost gone but not 100%.

so i wired LEDs and power. and it's glowing!