DIY Floating Basketball Hoop




Introduction: DIY Floating Basketball Hoop

I had this idea a few weeks ago and it's by no means an original product, but it ended up being really fun to use. Its pretty cheap to make, especially if you already have some of the pipe lying around.

Step 1: Parts List

PVC Pipes:

Other parts:

  • basketball net
  • 1 or 2 pool noodles
  • zip ties
  • ball (a basketball might be too heavy, I like using a volleyball or kickball)


  • box miter saw (any saw will do but this cuts almost perfectly straight)
  • tape measure
  • sharpie


  • spraypaint (best if water resistant)
  • sandpaper
  • hacksaw

Step 2: Cutting the PVC (and Noodle)

First, I found out the measurements of my net and went from there. I ended up using 8 sections of 3/4" pipes that were 6 inches long for the top, and the bottom 8 pieces were 8 inches long. I used the box miter saw to cut the pieces to length and then I sanded down the burrs on the ends. For the 1/2" pipe, cut it into 4 sections that are 20" long, these will be what makes it stand up. You can vary this measurement depending on how high you want the hoop to be. The noodle was really easy to cut, I just measured out 8 sections 5-1/2" long and cut it with a hacksaw.

Step 3: Optional: Spraypaint

I spraypainted only the corners and fittings, which actually looks pretty good. You don't have to do this since its a lot more work and the paint might peel off. The reason its more work is because paint doesn't naturally stick to PVC, you have to sand it and make it a rough surface for the paint to bond to. Once that's done then just spray one side at a time and you may want to use multiple coats. I think the added touch looks nice and with the noodles it kind of looks like a buoy.

Step 4: Assembly Pt. 1

If the noodle pieces can slide over the 3/4" pipe then put them on the 8" long sections. If they dont fit then wait till the next step. Next make sure all of the pipes fit together well like in the last picture and take it back apart.

Step 5: Assembly Pt. 2

If your noodles didn't fit around the pipe like mine, the you can either use a drill and a spade bit to widen it or you can cut it lengthwise. The latter is easier for maintenance because you can slip them on and off but it doesnt work as well. If you do cut the noodles make sure you use zipties so they stay on the basket and do that after you cement it. Now it's time to cement the PVC together because the first time I brought it to the pool without the cement, it kept coming apart. To make it easier to travel with and fix, I cemented only the base together and the rim together and left it so the stands could be taken off and put back on. Make sure that when you cement the pipe together that the pipes aren't turned or twisted, or else the goal will be warped. Be patient while cementing the PVC together or you'll have purple streaks like mine, but don't wait too long or it'll set before you even put them together. Once you've cemented the pipe together, let it sit for at least a few hours before you put it in the the water, and I'd even recommend waiting a day so there's no chance of it leaking/breaking or contaminating your pool with PVC cement! (I hope that can't happen)

Step 6: Put on the Net and Noodles

The net that I used has 12 loops on it and the goal has 4 corners so I chose to put one loop on each corner and then two together in each middle t-joint. This works pretty well and the net seems natural. To do this, I just put the loop over the rim then came below and ziptied it to the rest of the net. Once the hoop is in the water, you'll never notice the zipties which is great. Then slide the noodles over the pipe and use zipties if you don't want them to fall off constantly.

Step 7: Have Fun!

Now you can enjoy your creation and share it with your friends and family! Try to shoot from across the pool, play pig, or just dunk on your friends.

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    6 years ago

    Voted! Great project.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you, i also have ideas of making a floating soccer/ water polo goal as well but i dont have it fully planned out yet