Introduction: DIY Floating Shelf

Do you have a blank area in your room that you want to fill up? Does your room look boring? Well my room looked boring until I made a Floating Shelf and hung it on my wall.

This Floating Shelf is very simple to make as you only need a couple of materials. I made a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to make the shelf so you can make it yourself at home.

Let me know how my tutorial is and how your shelf went!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Note: You may use any type of wood you want. They will all do the job, its just color preference. The measurements are all up to you as well, but using the same measurements as this tutorial will make it easier.


  • Jute Cord
  • Pine Wood


  • Steel Carpenters Square
  • Band Saw
  • Skill Saw
  • Drill

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Note: The skill saw isn't necessary, but the original piece of wood was too big to fit on the band saw, so I used the the skill saw to cut out a piece I can fit on the band saw.
  • Using the Carpenters Square, trace a 12in x 4.5in rectangle
  • Once you have the outline, use the skill saw to cut out a piece of the wood so you can put it on the band saw
  • Align the outline you have with saw on the band saw, and slowly move the wood into the saw
  • Keep the wood straight or else you might make the sides uneven
  • If done correctly, you should have a nice rectangle shape!

Step 3: Drilling Holes

  • Using a ruler, mark a dot .5in x .25in from each corner
  • They don't have to be super exact, but the more accurate the better

Step 4: Applying the Jute Cord

You may use any type of string to hold up your shelf, but Jute Cord looks really nice and is strong.

  • Cut the string around 20in so it won't be too short
  • Put the string through the holes you've made
  • Make the string about 14in with a couple of inches of slack underneath so you can tie a knot
  • Do the same thing for each hole
  • Tie the two strings that are next to each other together
  • Hook them onto any type of hook, and you're done!