Introduction: DIY Floor Lamp With Only a Saw

Hi, this is my first instructable,

This lamp is very easy to make because i haven't wood working skills and i have only a simple saw to cut wood and a good wood file. So everyone can do it.

And of course i apologize about my writing mystakes, im not english.

My girlfriend wanted that kind of floor lamp but there are so expensive in the Home furniture shops >120€, i still had some remains of old lamps so i decided to make one.

Bill of materials:

  • wood: 10 "tasseaux" 19,95€ (Bricodepot) i used only 4
  • glue: "colle à bois" 2,85€ (Leroy Merlin)
  • lampshade: 29€ (Leroy Merlin)
  • electrics stuff & bubble: i had it
  • paint: testeur ripolin" 2x3.95€ (Leroy Merlin)

This lamp costs me about 50€.

Step 1: Wood Cut & Lime

First of all, I cut :

  • 4 long legs: 150 cmlong
  • 2 pieces for the small cross: 20 cm long
  • 2 pieces for the big cross: 40 cm long

After i cut just a part of the small pieces like on my bad draw ; ) then put together the crosses.

I used glue on both parts before assembly and used tongs until it dries.

Cause the legs are inclined, i decide to file the legs at the big cross. This part is approximate so i refiled several times until its fit well.

i know i must be easier to calculate the angle and cut with a miter saw or something like that but unfortunately i dont own it.

tips: keep the saw dust

Step 2: Paint

The easiest part.

I am not a good paint so my girlfriend did that, she's better than me ;-)

Step 3: Electric Stuff

Fortunately, i had an old basic IKEA lamp in my cardboard, so i picked the cable, bubble and socket from it.

I also had a piece of aluminium tube, it used it to hold the socket.

Then i drilled a hole in the small cross and fit the tube in with a bit of glue.

I think this is not necessary to put this metal part cause i had to unmount the socket to pass the electric cable through the tube. The only inconveniant is your lamp will be less high.

Step 4: Assemblage


i drilled the legs, expended the holes, and put screws in.


I started to put together the opposite leg on the small cross first, screwed, and the big cross after.

Then i screwed the two last legs on. Of course i used glue.

Step 5: Finishing

Because i used wood file, there are spaces between some parts, i have a good tips for that (from my dad):

I put glue in the hollows and then i put so much sawdust as it needs to be smooth. Now a second coat and it looks nice.

After mounting the electric part I introduced the lampshades.

For the lamp is stable I filed down below their feets and glued felt pads.

Step 6: End

My lamp looks great, dont you think? ;-)

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