Introduction: DIY Follow Focus for DSLRs

With HD video being all the rage, I thought I'd share how I made a simple follow focus for my DSLR. There are several different ways to do this, I know I've seen a couple of other DIYs for the same thing on youtube (e.g. using rubber bands, jar openers), but I made mine with the materials I had lying around or nearby, in true MacGyver style :)


Step 1: Materials

First of all, what is a follow focus?: A follow focus is a focus control mechanism used by videographers to be more precise in focusing on a subject while its moving, or to smoothly change focus from one object to another while filming. No one wants to see the camera shake when using the manual focus ring on your lens. A follow focus is a way to operate your focus more efficiently.

For materials, you will need:

1. a dslr camera
2. a cheap magnifying glass ($1)
3. A knife or sharp object with which to cut
4. One "m-wave" reflective leg band, that can be tightened and loosened (a set of two costs $5)

Step 2: Step 1

Pop the glass out of the cheap magnifier (you can use the left over glass to make a cool projector for your ipod or iphone:

Step 3: Step 2 Cut Magnifying Glass

Since the circumference of my lens is slightly too big for the magnifying glass, I had to cut the plastic. I did this by heating up the knife for a few seconds and sinking it into the plastic, making a clean cut.

Step 4: Step 3 Attach Magnifying Glass and Reflector

After wrapping the magnifying glass around the lens, I also attached the reflective leg band on top of the magnifying glass and tightened it to hold the magnifying glass plastic securely to the camera lens.

Using the handle of the magnifying glass you have a useful follow focus for your dlsr.

Depending on the size of your lens, the magnifying glass may be too small or large. If it's too small for your lens, you can still wrap it around part of the lens since the magnifying glass plastic is really flexible (if it's a cheap one!).

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