Introduction: DIY Fortune Teller

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This is a really simple, easy craft for everyone. You can make it on the go, in your house, or on long airplane rides/car rides. It's fun because there are many variations for the actual fortunes and you have to exercise some imagination, but let's get started=)

Step 1: Materials

All to need to make this craft is a piece of paper and, if you would like, a pencil. I used a partially used piece of paper (boring) and you can use colorful paper if you would like.

Step 2: Rectangle to Square

If you have a normal, rectangular piece of paper, fold one corner down until it's parallel with the other piece, as shown.

Step 3: Fold

Then there will be an extra little rectangle at the bottom of the paper. Fold this piece over, as shown.

Step 4: Like This

Step 5: Fold, Fold, Fold

To make it easier to rip off, fold the paper over the line back and forth until it's easy to rip.

Step 6: Lick and Rip

If you're on the road or in the air, you probably don't have scissors with you. If not, lick the crease and rip it. It sounds gross, but it makes it easier.

Step 7: A Perfect Square

Now you have a perfect square to use.

Step 8: Fold Fold Fold Fold

Now fold the corners to the center as shown.

Step 9: Turn It Over

Now turn it over.

Step 10: Fold Some More

Now fold the corners over to the middle as shown.

Step 11: Make It Easy

Now fix your fortune teller up and make it easier to move.

Step 12: Decorate

Now you can decorate your fortune teller however you would like. Decorating and using my fortune teller is my favorite part! Enjoy your fortune teller! Thanks so so much for viewing!=)