Introduction: DIY Free Loop for Watch Strap

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Recently one of my favorite wrist watches meet with an ill fate, the free loop got undone from wear and tear. This happens quite frequently and I'm tired of spending monies on replacing the whole set of straps for just one part. When it happened this time, luckily I had a light bulb moment, when I looked at the duct tape sitting on the study desk. So in this instructables I'll be showing you how to quickly fix that, in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Preparing the Duct Tape

Cut a strip of duct tape and fold it half. After the folding has been done, make sure to get rid of any air bubbles using a stiff card. At this point decide the thickness of the free loop and cut it. Now, carefully measure the length required to cover the watch band.

Step 2: Loopy Loopy Loop

Hey! Now you have the thin strip ready to become the loop. Wrap the thin strip around the belt on the buckle side to find out the exact length you need for the loop. One thing to keep in mind is, the loop should never be bigger than the buckle itself for obvious reason, if it is, it will fall off. Once you have it all figured out, grab a scissor and cut it to the final length. The next part will require a little dexterity with your fingers and clean hands.

Step 3: It All Comes Together!!

Flip over the watch, so the underside of the band is facing you. Grab the new loop and overlap it in position, if you want at this stage press the ends so you have a minute dent on the loop for when you fix it in place. Grab a tiny portion of duct tape, this will be used to close the loop as shown in the picture. Once you have secured the loop you can redo the securing step once more to make it firm. Vola! You have successfully completed a minor repair on your beloved watch, aren't duct tapes the most versatile tapes ever?