Introduction: [DIY] Free Tripod Stand for Smartphone

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Anyone who has taken more than a couple of pictures from a camera knows just how important it is to keep it still. A bit of movement, and your 12 megapixel Smart phone lens will give you a blurred image.With the advent of ‘good enough’ mobile cameras, it is imperative we get the right accessories to use them to the fullest. For keeping your camera still, a tripod is a must have.Way back in the day, when Nokia launched the N93, it had a standard camera tripod jack, in which any normal tripod screw would fit. Sadly, the trend did not pick up, and that particular gem disappeared.There are a few mobile tripods available online, but they charge a premium, and cost above $15. When a normal tripod is available from $1 upwards, this price difference doesn’t seem fair.Here is a guide to build your own mobile tripod, in under 15 minutes, at a fraction of the cost of buying one.

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Some nuts,bolts and washers.

2.a spring (a liitle bit bigger than the thickness of bolt)

3. Metal strip (about 6 inches long)

4. a Plastic bottle with cap

Step 2: FIt a Nut in Cap

Make hole in the bottle cap and fix a nut in it so it dont move from cap.

Step 3: Tranforming Metal

now cut the metal strip into two parts (4.5in and 1.5in ).

using a plier bend the strips as shown in pictures

Step 4: Assembly...

Assemble all the parts on bolt in following order:

larger strip-a nut-smaller strip-two large washers (or one) - spring - washer again -a nut bottle cap with nut

Step 5: Final Step

fit your mobile phone in the stand and put the cap on the water..

Note : for more stability fill water bottle with water ..

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