my gf needed a dimmer for her LED Christmas lights she has hanging in her room. well I told her id make one for her and since she's been loving galaxy print as much as I do I decided to male a suprise galaxy print dimmer


so what you'll need is;
1) a single circuit dimmer switch
2) a 6 foot extension cord (mine has 3 outlets at the end)
3)a box to put it all in
4) switchplate is optional
5) wire nuts and mounting screws
6) electrical tape(optional)

Step 2: Drill All Holes and Add Paint

drill all your holes to fit your dimmer and electrical cables

Step 3: Add Wiring

add your wiring. splice one of the wires and then add the dimmer(orientation doesn't matter) add the wire nuts and I wrapped mine in electical tape so they would fit in the box

Step 4: Finish It Up

this is where you finish it. the finished product looks amazing and works great.

Step 5: Changes

I ended up going back iver the paint with more layers and painted the cable and everything too.
make sure if you tape the prongs on the ends