Introduction: DIY GAS TORCH

we all know how important gas torches are usually they are used quite commonly by diy makers but their high cost makes it very diificult to buy them henceforth i came up with a cheap and diy alternative of it

a video link is very useful so here i have the video on youtube posted by me on my channel electrobuzz

link; this has a list of all the components needed.

Step 1: What Do We Need

here are the two main components needed for our project.The stones shown here are of calcium carbide which can be brought from a local welding shop for $ we are using the infusion set which is used by the doctors to give glucose to patients it can also be brought for $2 from a local chemist shop .next we need is a candle an a plastic bottle, a glue gun and a screwdriver which i already had.

Step 2: What Do We Need to Do

next up i made a small hole in the bottle cap and placed the opening or the input tube in the bottle cap and then sealed it with some hot glue using glue gun.I have shown this up in the images above how it looked like.

Step 3: Final Step

next i added small stones of calcium carbide in the water bottle and added a small amount of water to the bottle which resulted in a reaction taking place causing the rise to acetylene gas which is flammable and definitely be used for our gas welding the infusion set can be used to control the amount of gas or the temperature of the flame . it is safe because it has very less amount of pressure thus is safe for our use.

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