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Introduction: DIY GIANT Spider Web

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This is a Picture Tutorial for a DIY GIANT Spider Web.  I will caution you that this will attract lots of Trick or Treaters, so be ready with lot's of treats.  Many people love to take pictures of their children at our tree so get ready for that too.  You will be the hit of the neighborhood!  One more cautionary note:  Be ready to do this every year.  One year we didn't put the web up and people wanted to know where it was, so be ready for that too.  *****Always be careful with anything electrical and use caution when piggy backing strings of lights***** 

Step 1: Supplies

Here's a list of the supplies you will need to create this Super Fabulous Giant Spider Web!! 1. 9-12 boxes of 100 strand lights  2.cable ties  3.wire cutters line  5.light sensitive timer  6.4 wooden stakes  7.GIANT spider  8.hammer  9.ladder  10.outdoor extension cord  11.A BIG Tree  12.Your Imagination!!

Step 2: Preparing

Plug in all your lights and make sure they work.  I don't care if they're new, sometimes they just don't work from the get go.  Save yourself the headache.  It only takes a second to check and can save you a ton of reworking the lights later.  Pound your 4 wooden stakes into the ground in an arc shape.  We have a semi-circle path to our front door that we use as a model.  Plug in your outdoor extension cord and bring it out to the tree.  Plug in your first set of lights and bring them through the center of your tree from the back.  We like to do this at dusk so we can see the lights are working and it's more FUN that way.

Step 3: Starting the Web

Create your first spoke in the web by bringing the string down to the 3rd wooden stake.  Continue to wrap the light strings under the wooden stakes 2 and 1 to the left to create the bottom of the web.

Step 4: Tricky Step

This is a tricky step and you will do this twice.  Cut a good length of fishing line and tie it to the lights on the left side to stack 1 as if the spider web is floating in the air.  This is a picture of the right side of the spider web with the fishing line tied to the stake.

Step 5: Perimeter of the Web

Continue up and around the tree at various points to create the top of your web. When coming down to that wooden stake on the right you will do the same thing as you did with the fishing line on the other side to make the web look like it's floating.

Step 6: Web Spokes

Once you've completed the perimeter, it's time to do the spokes of your web.  At this point you've probably piggy backed a few strings of lights to create your web.  Now go back to the center and plug in a new set into a different plug.  It really can be problematic to plug in too many strings in a series.  Now coming out from the center, bring the lights down to 2 at the wooden stake create another spoke.    Don't worry if you pass over the same path, you won't notice it.  Go from 2 to 1 then into the center.  Go out from the center to 5 to 6 then into the center.  Go out from the center to 7 to 8 then into the center.  Go out from the center to 4 to 3 and the spokes are done.

Step 7: Webbing

Once you've created all the spokes of your web, it's time to create the inside webbing.  Start in the center again and work your way out each spoke as in the picture illustration. Use cable ties at each intersection where the lights cross to hold the spokes and webbing together.  Do this process 2 more times to create the rest of the webbing.  You can decide how many you want to do, just keep in mind that it takes lots of lights to get really detailed.  We usually only do 4 rounds including the initial perimeter round.  From far away, it looks so much better to have them spaced out.  If they're too close together, it just looks like a bunch of lights instead of a spider web.  Continue around and around zip strapping the lights at each intersection.  Try to join as many lights from the center back plug as possible instead of piggy backing.

Step 8: Giant Spider

Attach your GIANT SPIDER right in the center of your GIANT SPIDER WEB.

Step 9: Add Timer

Attach your light sensitive timer.  God Bless whoever invented these things!!  Makes life so much easier not to have to set an old fashion timer or turn them on and off manually.

Step 10: Done!!

Step back and admire your handy work!  You're  now ready for Halloween!!  Bring on the Spooky!

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