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Learn how to make these fun Glitter Tube Bracelets with Annelise & Julia. Happy Crafting!

You will need:

3/8” (OD) Clear vinyl tubing

1/4” (OD) Clear vinyl tubing

Glitter - fine or coarse, they both look pretty. You can even mix different kinds!


Funnel (or piece of paper curled into a funnel shape)

Water (optional, but it looks so cool!)

Hot glue or permanent glue (optional)

You can find clear vinyl tubing in the plumbing section of any Home Depot or other hardware store. Any size you want to use is fine, just make sure that you find a smaller tubing to act as your plug. If you can only find one size of tubing, you can make it without a plug. Just seal one end of the your tube with hot glue before filling with glitter, then seal the other, and use the hot glue to seal the two ends together. If you use this method, we suggest you also wrap a little clear tape around the seam to make sure it stays closed.

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