DIY Gag Party Favors

Introduction: DIY Gag Party Favors

About: I am married with two children. Spring, summer, and fall are my very favorite times of the year. I enjoy working in the yard, sewing, cooking, quilting, gardening, and creating. I do this to keep my sanity.
Every year my friend has a gag gift Christmas party.  I am always trying to think of gag gift ideas that are useful.  This year I am making use of Altoids tins.   Altoids metal containers are the best  to hold just about any small item.  No one throws these little gems away.  In-fact I think most people would love to have 100 of them.  I love all kinds of tin containers and wished I could get my hands on a lot more of them.

I wanted to make some party favors to share here on Instructables.  I made these adorable Altoids party favors!  They turned out real cute.  With the holidays coming up these would make just about anyone happy.  Cheap, quick,  and easy to make.  Hope you like them as much as I do!  

The Altoids kit contains:
  • Tea bag.
  • Coffee Creamer.
  • Sugar packet or a sugar cube.
  • Raisins. 
  • Mini tooth brush.
  • Home made Mint tooth powder.
  • Home made Mint or cinnamon tooth picks.
  • Spoon.
  • Dental floss.
  • Chocolate coin.

Step 1: Supplies:

Supplies needed:
  • Empty Altoids tin.
  • Wax paper.
  • Dental floss, 
  • Raisins.
  • Plastic spoon.
  • Sugar cube or packet.
  • Tea Bag.
  • Mint or cinnamon tooth picks.
  • Baking soda.
  • Mint oil.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Pen.
  • Rubber band.
  • Holiday stickers.
  • Small soft netting.   I got mine from the treasure candy (gold chocolate coins package, it is perfect.
  • Black construction paper to embellish the lid (optional ) 
Additional things would be a teaspoon and a small cup to mix the tooth paste in.  To make the mint tooth picks you will need to add some mint or cinnamon oil,  a small glass jar with lid, and a small sterile medicine jar or glass tube with lids to your list.

Step 2: Tooth Paste

Instructions for making the tooth paste:
  • Measure approximately 1 Tablespoon Baking Soda.
  • Pour into a bowl.
  • Add 1 drop of mint oil.
  • Stir well.
  • Set aside while you make the bag to put it in.
Please note:  I made a large batch of tooth paste so the pictures might be a little confusing.   Mint oil is quite strong,  you don't want too much.  

Step 3: Tooth Paste Bag

Here is how to make the tooth paste bag and the tea bag:
  • Tear off a small strip of wax paper and fold it double into 3 match book covers.
  • One for the tooth paste, tooth brush, raisins,  and one for the tea bag.  You may use brown paper like I did.  I was showing different ways to make them.  
  • See picture.
  • Tape the length so the contents won't leak out. 
  • Pour the tooth paste into the bag.
  • Place the netting and rubber band into a bag.
  • Place the tea bag into a bag.
  • Place the raisins into a bag.
  • Make a small label for the tooth paste, tooth brush, tea bag, and raisins.
  • Place the labels the labels on top.
  • Staple them closed.
  • You may tape a bow from the dental floss or use raffia like I used on the tea bag.
  • Add stickers.
  • Shorten the plastic spoon.
  • Place a sticker on the tip of the spoon or tie a bow out of the dental floss. 
  • Set aside until later. 
I thought the Rip sticker on the tooth picks were awesome because they are hot cinnamon tooth picks!  
They also go great with fall and winter holidays.

Step 4: Tooth Picks

Homemade tooth picks:
Simple instructions for making the tooth picks :
  • Using a small glass tube is better because you don't use as much oil.
  • You may use a small glass jar with a lid or a wide mouth canning jar with a lid.
  • Add enough oil to barely cover the bottom of the jar.
  • Fill the jar with tooth picks.
  • Leave in the jar for 24 hours.
  • Place a napkin on a plate and scatter out the tooth picks on that.
  • Allow to dry until they aren't wet.
  • You may pat them lightly with a paper towel.
  • Place them into a plastic jar.
Please note:
  • The pharmacist told me not to use plastic for making the cinnamon sticks because it was very strong oil.  He said I could store them in the plastic containers if they were dry.  I also do not recommend letting small kids use the hot cinnamon sticks.  Maybe make vanilla or mint for them. 

Step 5: Sugar Options

Here are a couple of sugar options:

Step 6: Decorating the Lid

Embellishing the lid:
I used black construction paper and stickers to decorate the lid.  
It is not necessary but I just happen to enjoy decorating anything.  

Step 7: Filling the Altoids Box

Special contents:
  • Fill the box with all your goodies.  
  • It may take a few tries because the box is quite small.
  • I had to remove the sugar cube and add a sugar packet.
  • My spoon did not fit but I did not have any other plastic spoons because we don't eat out.  
  • Choose a small spoon or a coffee stick from the quick stop stores or use a cut off skewer.   
  • I will tape my spoon on the top of the can as an embellishment.

Step 8: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

As a kid I remember buying cinnamon sticks at our little country market.  I loved them!  I have not seen them around for a long time.  I decided I was going to try and make my own.  I live in a small town and did not know if I could find any so after checking around someone mention I try the Prim's drug here.  The had 1 bottle and I paid around $5.00 for a small bottle.  I did not use much so it will last me a long time.  I went back and bought another bottle to have on hand.  

Thanks for stopping by and do come back soon.  I have quite a few Instructables I am currently working on that should be posted very soon.  Remember to have a splendorous  day!

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    You are a busy girl this morning. I'm having a bad morning and I've enjoyed viewing all your hard work........ and I thought I was going to have another sleepless boring morning..... Thanks :)


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    Don't feel like the lone ranger! I have many sleepless nights! I have a friend named Author(ittis.) He likes to make me miserable! So I don't allow him to get to me, I spend all of my time here LOL! I have been a very bad girl! I have stayed up all night to work on these! I can't believe I am that much of an Instructables die hard fan! You made my day! I am soooo tired. I am getting ready to sleep for a few hours and start this some more later. Maybe I can make 2 or 3 more today LOL. Thanks so much for your sweet comment . . . . . . . . And remember to have a splendorous day!


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    Well, then neither of us is actually that bad off. If this is a bad habbit ?..... it is safe to say we could be doing much worse! Sweet dreams ;)


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    Well, people say balance is very important to maintain good health. I must say that in this case, being a 24/7 Instructables fan does not follow the rules here in that I find Instructables has great therapeutic values in my case. It keeps me sane and active. I will sure miss it though when my injury heals enough for me to get back to household chores. Take care.


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    If I'm not working or doing some volunteer bit, I'm usually here. My favorite thing is answers but there is alwayss something to do. I love it and you know what they say about idle hands.


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    Glad to meet someone who loves dis place as much as I do! Pleased to hear you do volunteer work. There is a lot of satisfaction in that as well. Not to mention those that benefit from your gift. Keep up the good work!


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    Thanks! You get some rest yourself! I will be visiting your page to see if I have missed anything later on. That happens to me sometimes. Laterzzzz