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In this quick instructable I am creating a cool DIY ring, this time it's a DIY Galaxy ring! I am fascinated by the Universe and love the colours of different galaxies :) I also love simple diy projects and simple life hacks so in this tutorial I’ll show you just that. This DIY ring is honestly super easy to make and it takes no time to make this Easy ring, so there is no excuse not to make one! :) Create your own DIY jewelry starting with a handmade ring! And it only takes 5 minutes to make!

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Step 1: Watch This Video for More Details(and Fun:))

You can watch my video tutorial here or read written instructions in the next steps. Or both :)

Step 2: Materials I Used

See the list of materials I used for this easy ring:

DIY ring - materials:

Gold plated wire (18 gauge from Beadsmith): about 14" (36cm)

Black, glitter, white and clear nail varnish

Hot glue gun and sticks (Stanley)

dotting tool (or tooth pick)

Wire cutters, chain nose pliers, something round to wrap your ring around(similar to the width of your finger)

Step 3: Make the Wire Structure

Cut about 14" of your wire and then create a small spiral on one end using chain(or round) nose pliers.

Get a round object(in my case a nail correction pen) and wrap the wire around one and half times or so, pressing the spiral against the pen with your thumb. Then using the chain nose pliers again, start creating another spiral on the end of the wire. This one will start from the middle outwards. Slowly turn the wire around your pliers and use your fingers to guide the wire to make the spiral nice and round. When the spiral was a bit bigger, I swapped the pliers for my fingers and holding it firmly, I kept creating even bigger spiral(about 7 rounds). I then cut the excess wire off and roughen the top surface of it with the pliers(you can use a knife, nail file, anything sharp to make marks on the wire) - but leave the last layer of wire clean, don't roughen that one as it will be visible.

And then grab the outer layer of the wire(the last round) and start slowly pulling it towards you - upwards. You can push your finger against the ring and then using your nails(if you have any :)) evenly separate all the other layers of the spiral, even the tiny circles on the bottom.You will create kind of a cone shape.

The last bit is to bend the end of the wire(on the cone shape) inwards. You can achieve this with your pliers, grab hold of it and first bend it sideways-towards the middle of the cone and then downwards.

Step 4: Finishing

Secure the ring to an object which will stay in place (I used the top of a nail varnish) and slowly add hot glue to the inside of the cone and let it cool down. Then apply 2 coats of black nail varnish, let it dry, glitter nail varnish (or just sprinkle loose glitter onto the wet black nail varnish), get a dotting tool or a tooth pick and add different sizes of dots for the stars. You can go wild and actually draw stars, but I couldn't do it :) Finish the whole design with a coat of clear nail varnish(ideally fast drying - if you are as impatient as I am)

You can now travel to space and show off your new ring to all the aliens out there!! Or you can simply go to your local pub or somewhere and show it to your friends... Or if you are really keen, you can go out and start stopping strangers to ask them for time and secretly show them you creation! (Like no one knows what time it is nowdays...checking Facebook and other social medial every five seconds for affection and interaction etc... ehm.. is that just me? All right then :) ...

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please follow me on Facebook! Hahahahahaha that's a joke! Ok, see ya! ;)

Step 5: You Can Watch This Video Tutorial

If you want to see more details and have time to spare, go ahead and watch this quick video tutorial :)

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