Introduction: DIY Garage Stool

Homemade garage stool made out of a scrap office chair & old foam chair.

Step 1: Materials


- Old office chair base

- An old foam chair or thick wood & scrap foam (Thick enough so the wood doesn't bend to much when you sit on it & thick enough foam so its comfortable)

- Nuts & bolts (Depending on the size of the chair holes)

- Fabric to cover the stool (Something that is durable)


- Drill & Dill bits

- Staple Gun (or a stapler which would be harder to do)

- Jigsaw or other cutting tool

- Stanley knife

- Spanner or Ratchet

- Scissors

Step 2: Decontruction

If your using foam & wood, you can go to the next step.

If your using an old foam chair, you'll probably need to remove the base of the chair to get to the pieces you want. This will be done depending on the chair you have, but most likely need to unscrew a pieces to remove the piece.

After removing the base, you'll need to remove the old fabric. The fabric could be stapled on to the base or by another method, remove whatever is holding the fabric to proceed.

You'll now be left with the base wood of the chair & the foam.

Step 3: Cutting

Measure the size of the office chair from about the center to the edge you want. Drill a hole into the center of the wood & place something to tie string on in the hole. Measure the length you & and tie a pencil to the other end, now draw around the piece until you have a circle (you may need to repeat this step until you are confident with your circle). Cut with jigsaw or other tools.

Using you piece of wood, place on top of your foam & cut to fit with a Stanley knife.

Step 4: Drilling

Place your wood on a flat surface with your office chair on top & center the piece. Now mark where the holes are & drill to the size of your bolt. Bolt your base to the chair until tight with a spanner or ratchet.

Step 5: Assembly

Place your foam & material over the seat & cut the fabric to fit using scissors (so the fabric can wrap underneath the seat to be stapled). Once the fabric is cut, start at one end of the fabric & staple than go to the opposite side & staple. Keep doing this method until the all the fabric is stapled firmly to the wood (You can cut any material this is to long at this point).

Step 6: Finish

You are now the owner of your own hand crafted stool.

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