Introduction: DIY Garden Storage Bench

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While I have set up my garden at my new home I didn't have any water tap at the garden area, therefore I used a tap which was located a few meters fro the garden. In order to connect between the watering system and the water tab I have used a hard hose and placed it lying on the floor. I have 2 kids (boys) that playing all day at the garden so I needed to protect the hose from them.

After thinking of a few solutions I have come up with an idea to create a bench that will be over the hose and will used also as a storage box fro the outdoor toys

Step 1: The Problem

The expose hose next to the garden which need to be protected and covered

Step 2: Drawing the Bench Base

The location for the bench was 183 CM X 36 CM.

The needed height of the bench was 56 CM because of the tab height was 54 CM and I wanted to cover it and protect it.

I created some drawings by the location size

Step 3:

Instead of drilling and then placing screws I have used special drilling screws

Step 4: Creating the Base

I went to the carpentry shop to select the wanted wood and to cut it by the drawings.

The wood I chose was pine wood with thickness of 4 CMX4CM

The base was connected with screws of size 6 CM which commandeered to use with wood works

Step 5: My Little Helper

My little son brought his set of toll in order to help me

Step 6: Painting the Base

I painted the base with hydrolysis which will protect the wood from cold/hot weather

Step 7: Creating a Shield for the Tab/hose

I created a cage/shield to protect the hose/tab from all the toys that will be at the storage part of the bench

Step 8: Covering the Base With Boards

I took wooden boards of 2 CM x 9.5 CM , some of the 181 CM for the back and front and the others are 32.5 CM fro the side.

I placed them with the special screws and separated them with a 0.2 CM spacer

Step 9: Connecting the Top

I connected the top with a panel with 179 CM boards attached to furring strips

The top was connected to the base with hinges

Step 10: Final Result

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