Introduction: DIY Gas Mask

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With Occupy protests around the country, things are heating up. With disbursement of tear gas an pepper spray by police, how are regular people able to keep safe?

Normally, one would by a gas mask, but given cost, bulkiness and being a target when wearing one, this might not be the best option. Based on a pamphlet i saw floating around the internet, you can make your own primitive gas mask out of some stuff you have lying around the house.

WARNING: Tear gas is no joke, it burns, hurts and makes you cry for your mommy. Those with respiratory issues should be aware that tear gas can complicate things, leading to injury or even death. Do not use this gas mask tutorial for life threatening situations.

Step 1: Idea

The idea came from this pamphlet that has no author. I figured to make an instructable about it to not only tell others about it but to get constructive feedback from the instructables community. I do not see this idea as a finished product, please give me your input!

Step 2: Supplies

For this project you will need the following:
- a 2 liter soda bottle
- a n95 rated face mask that is good for particulates. Tear gas is a dust, not a gas so this will be perfect
- Duct tape (i used gorilla tape
- Stapler

Step 3: Mark and Cut

The first step is to mark your bottle and cut it. I used a sharpie to mark the bottom off and the dip the bottle takes to fit to your face. I then took a regular knife and cut the shape out.

Step 4: Tape the Edge

For this to work, you have to create a seal on your face with the bottle. i created this seal with a bit of gorilla tape around the edges. Wrap the tape around the edges until you feel like you'll get a good seal. Check the seal by putting the mask on your face, plugging the spout and breathing in. If you have a seal, the bottle should concave a bit to your face.

Step 5: Disassemble the Facemask and Put Into Bottle

Pull off both of the yellow straps from the facemask (SAVE THEM!) to have a strapless mask. From here you can just stuff it into the bottle.

Step 6: Make a Hands-free Mask

You could stop here if you just wanted something you could hold to your face, but if you want hands-free operation, you can reuse the yellow straps and staple them to the mask.

Step 7: And Your Mask Is Done!

Now you can run around in the tear gas a little easier, just slide the mask over your face, make sure the straps are tight and you're ready to go.

If you have improvements or your own builds, please post them in the comments below. Stay safe!

For more info about occupy protests going on around you, check out Occupy Together

For info about hackers are getting involved in the occupy movement go to Occupy Hack

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