Introduction: DIY Geometric Patterns

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Hello, friends, I am Debadeep Das as you may know or for those who may not know me, I run a YouTube channel named Ever-E-Thing. I am also an Instructables creator.

Okay, just leave those intros and let’s focus on the project. Today, we are going to make a DIY geometric pattern. It’s usage is not just limited to wall decoration, but it also can be used to make a table mat or even an artistic design or just as an illusion. We can just laminate it and then turn it into a table at. That’s just awesome right!

Ah, and one more thing, I hope you will like my DIY idea and if you do so please send me a heart and also please leave a comment in the comments section about what you loved the most. If you do end up loving my project, then please do vote for it in the Paint Challenge. So, let’s just directly dig into the project.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials Required

For this awesome DIY project, you are going to need very few things which you can easily get from the nearby stationery store. The things you are going to need along with their online links are listed down below:

1. A pencil and an eraser:

2. A color palette and two paint brushes : no. 2 and 6 ( you can even use a metal plate like me):

3. Some water colors and some poster colors:

4. Take a bowl with some water as well:

5. A purple colored fabric paint ( you can choose any other color of your own wish):

6. A 30 cm ruler along with a pair of set-squares :

7. A paper cutter or x-acto blade:

8. A page from a sketchbook for drawing :

Now, if you have gathered all the required materials, then you can slide down to the next step. But wait! Before you do so, you should watch my video tutorial on this project with step by step guide. Here is the video:

Now, let’s roll onto the next step! Ahoy!

Step 2: Drawing the Big Picture

In this step, first we are going to take the 30 cm ruler and then mark a point of 2.5 cm from each of the sides of the four sides of the sketchbook’s page. Then we have to make lines on each of the four sides passing through the points which we made earlier. Then we will have a rectangle border to make the so-called-frame. Then we can proceed with drawing the big picture.

So, I took one of the set squares and my pencil and eraser and then started making triangles in a designer pattern.

Note: I kept very thin gaps between each of the triangles so that they look good after coloring. If you don’t leave spaces between the triangles, you will not get the special effect. So, remember to leave thin gaps in between each of the triangles.

In the pictures, you can see that I have made the design/patterns on my own wish. You can also do the same. You can also get some reference from these links:

After you have made the pattern, you can slide down to the next step.

Step 3: Making It Real and Colorful

After you have finished the first two steps you can now proceed towards coloring the triangles. So, to color the triangles, I first grabbed my water colors, poster colors, paint brushes, color palette and also my bowl for keeping water. Then I chose red color first and then started to fill all those triangles which I wanted to make red. You can your desired color and you can also fill in whichever triangle you desire to. Then I took yellow color, followed by green, blue and then pink and purple.

Note: Please try to provide a different type of shade/intensity of the colors you choose so that the pattern looks more realistic. Please also try to fill in the triangle or whatever design you have chosen, perfectly without spreading out of their borders. I tried to do so but I do not have the steady hands to do so. So, if you work more patiently, your design may look much better.

Anyways, I did not own pink color in my water colors or my poster colors set, so had to make it on my own. I used my so what orange color (scarlet lake) and mixed it with white color to have my pink color. I also used a lot of water with the blue color ( cobalt blue) to make a lighter shade. Anyways, if you already own those colors in your set, then use those, otherwise, use my technique. Now, after I had finished coloring all the triangles, I let them dry up for a while. You can get a detailed video on this in the 1st step.

After you have finished painting, you can easily swipe down or drag your mouse wheel to go the next step.

Step 4: Almost Finalizing

In this step, I grabbed my 30 cm ruler and made four points from the border of the painting leaving 1.5 cm from each side. Then, I grabbed my paint brush again and also grabbed a black paint from the poster colors box and started coloring the main border which we had previously made in the 2nd step. You can use any other color if you want I would rather advice to go with the black one.

After doing so, I let the painting dry up under a fan, the swiped down to the next step.

Step 5: Finalized

Finally, I grabbed my paper cutter and removed the page from the sketchbook, nice and easily. After doing so, you can either laminate it or hang in a wall of your house. You can also laminate it and turn it into a table mat. It has lots of features. Just filled with awesomeness!

It will show inspire you and reflect your artistic ability and motivate you each day to do a nice thing. I hope you like this project and if you did then please vote for it in the Paint Challenge.

Thanks for stopping by! I will see you all soon.

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