Introduction: DIY Giant Origami Christmas Snowflake ❄️

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This Christmas decor snowflake is easy to make and looks magical when you are done making it. You can make a smaller version of it if you like by cutting your piece of paper in half horizontally so that you can hang it on your Christmas tree as an ornament, or just hang them randomly around the house to add to the Christmas spirit!

Step 1: Things You Need

The materials you need to make this are very simple and you will probably find them in your house.

1. Printer Paper
2. Clear or Magic tape (glue doesn’t work)
3. Paper scissors
4. A stapler

Step 2:

Get a piece of printer paper and fold it so that it looks like a triangle with a rectangle on the bottom as shown in the image below, then cut off the rectangle leaving the triangle.

Step 3:

Fold the paper in half again bringing the opposite corners of the triangle together to form a smaller triangle.

Step 4:

Use your scissors to cut 4 lines on the side of the triangle that does not open up as indicated in the image. Your lines should be straight and evenly spaced, use the second image as a reference to approximately where your lines should be. Cut close to the edge of the triangle but don’t cut all the way to the other side. I wasn’t able to make the blue lines in the picture very straight, but yours should be straight.

Step 5:

Unfold the triangle to reveal a square with cuts that match the image below.

Step 6:

Now get the tape and join the two middle cuts as shown in the image below, sticking them together. Now flip the paper over, and join the two second to middle cuts with tape.

Step 7:

Now flip the paper over again and repeat the process with the two next cuts. Keep doing this until you have joined all of the cuts and you should end up with something that looks like this.

Step 8:

Repeat with the rest of your sheets of paper until you have 6 of these pieces.

Step 9:

Now join the pieces together by joining their tips and stapling them together.

Step 10:

Now arrange the pieces of paper so they look more like a snowflake. For reference look at picture 1.

We are almost done. Now we need to staple the petals or different pieces of the snowflake together so that they will hold their shape. To do this, get the part of two pieces of the snowflake where there is an x as shown in image 2 and staple them together. Do this to all of the pieces of the snowflake.

Step 11:

Congrats! You are done making your gigantic Christmas snowflake and it should end up like this. Now you can make more and hang them up around the house.

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