Introduction: DIY Giant Panda in Bamboo Forest, Realistic Diorama.

Welcome to my video,Its realistic diorama with bamboo and Panda.The panda is not special just because it is one of the most well known and charismatic animals on earth. It is also a very peculiar species, with many unique and remarkable characteristics.So I decided to make the diorama.Pandas are now endangered and extinct animal .We have to save the Panda.

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Plaster of Paris,


artificial moss and leaves,

acrylic colors,glass base,

thread,wooden sticks.

Step 1: Making of Rocks

Here I am using styrofoam. Cut few pieces and attatched them with nails.Now cover all the shape with cement mixture. Leave it for drying. After dry the rock now apply black and green acrylic color on it. Than mark the stocks of orange color with piece of foam. White color will enhanced the rock ,apply it also.For Bamboo sticks I used wooden sticks . Tie a thread knot on each stick like I did. Secure it wih PVA glue.Now attached artificial leaves on each stick.

Step 2:

Take a glass base, put Plaster of Paris on the glass . Fix the rock on it. Now fix all the bamboos. Now apply colors on all area, Raw sienna, raw umber and sap green color. Mix the color than add burnt sienna in it . Apply the color on all surface. Now fix artificial moss . Diorama is ready.

Step 3: Final Pics

Few final pics of my diorama.I hope you like the video.


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