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Introduction: DIY Giant Wood Star

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I actually made this giant wood star about 2 years ago but I had published it as part of a compilation video of "5 Christmas Decorations you can Make at Home" but I personally think this wood star is one if the coolest holiday decoration out there so I thought it deserved a video/tutorial of its own! I actually keep mine up on my house year round I love it so much!

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4"x1/2" cedar- lumber yard

pocket hole jig-

1" pocket screws-

Step 1:

The first thing I did was cut 10 pieces at 2 ft.

Step 2:

Then I turned my saw to 18 degrees and turned my board perpendicular to my body.

I made a little jig to help keep my boards nice and straight, then I made my first angled cut at one end of each of my 10 boards.

Step 3:

Then I turned my saw to 36 degrees and made all my cuts at the other ends.

Make sure that the longest side of the board is closest to you when you are making these cuts.

Step 4:

Then using a pocket hole jig, drill two holes in one end of each piece as shown.

Step 5:

Then assemble your star using 1" pocket screws.

Step 6:

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    2 years ago

    Looks great on the house with the other wood trim. Very nice construction and cutting.
    Bob D