Introduction: DIY Gift Boxes (#CreativeRecycling #Paper)

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Difficulty Level: Low

Time: 30 Minutes

Equipment list required:

-Magazine, Newspaper, Cardboard, Paper

-Ruler or Bracket

-Pen or Pencil

-Scissors or Cutter

I used the pages (quite thick) of an uncoated magazine.

I also used newspaper, pasting three sheets with glue to make the box resistant.


Step 1: Draw the Squares

Draw eight squares on the sheets, helping with pen and bracket.

I made eight squares of size 10x10 cm.

You need four squares for the base and four squares for the cover.

Step 2: Cut the Squares

Cut the squares with le scissors.

Step 3: The Base

Fold four square for the base.

Watch the video

At the beginning you have to watch it several times, but when you have learned the steps will not need to watch it again.

Step 4: The Cover

Fold four squares for the cover.

Watch the video.

Step 5: Assembly

Assemble the base.

Assemble the cover.

Watch the video.

This is the hardest part, but if you are precise in folding the paper, it will be automatically.

How you can note, i have still much to learn!

I suggest to put a cardboard into the base to make it more presentable and rigid.

The succes depends also from the thickness of the paper (the paper that i used is quite thick..with thin paper is more simple and the box will be also resisant!)

You can adorn your box with flakes if you need to make a gift or you can use such it.