Introduction: DIY Gift for the Friend With an Author Inside Them

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Howdy! Yes you!

Obviously you may have a friend (or maybe you yourself?) who likes to write stuff!

I myself LOVE to write, but I also get stuck often.

Therefore I made this gift for my awesome Aussie friend, who likes to write as well!

In the next steps, I´ll show you what I made and how I made them - hope you get inspired ;)



I also plastered some Toms candy here and there - mostly because she can´t buy it over there and I wouldn´t let her live without tasting it!

Step 1: Donut

I found this quote by searching for: "age quotes" on pinterest (which is an awesome site! And it´s free - if you don´t know it, then check it out! It´s paradise for creative souls - this site is also where I found most of the writing prompts and plot ideas)

And yes - I made an error. I was really confused about how to write donut :P

Inside the envelope there is a plot idea.

Step 2: Letters

I totally covered these envelopes with Danish and English.

I am a Dane and she´s an australian, who would like to learn Danish - that´s why I didn´t write both of them in English.

I wrote what´s inside the envelopes on them and stuff like: "when you get famous, remember me alright?"

It was quite fun to make!

Step 3: The Doctor Is Here

Both of us is Doctor Who fans, so of course I plastered some writing prompts on the back of a Doctor Who card. If you do not have a Doctor Who card like this one, you could print some and laminate them

Step 4: Just Draw

I am not very good at drawing, but this still turned out pretty cool!

I just plastered the writing prompts different places and then drew something that matched - you can draw anything, it doesn´t have to make sense. The sole purpose is for it to not get boring to look at.

Step 5: The Last One

I made this - a kind of calendar. Onder each stick note there is a writing prompt and on top of the chocolate bar, there is a plot idea.