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Introduction: DIY Glass Garden Art Totem

A Tutorial

The other day, my hubby and I went to our favorite garden nursery in search of vegetable plants and flowers and guess what else I found …. funky yard art!

They had every kind of garden art you can imagine from the normal whirly, iron weather vanes and garden figures made from old pitch forks to some really cool, Glass Garden Totem Poles.

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Step 1: ​Supplies:

– Various Glass Vases, Candle Holders and Wine Glasses

– Clear GE 100% Silicone II or E6000 Caulk

– Colored Glass Gems (optional)

Step 2: ​Assemble Your Glass Garden Totem

Start by trying out different combinations of glasses and vases together to get a feel for the overall look that you want. I did not want my totem to look like a bunch of wine glasses glued together, even though that’s what it is. Small, glass saucers work well in between glasses. They also make it easier to glue the glasses together.

Step 3:

I found two really cool triangular wine glasses with heavy globe bases in deep blue and red. Of course, I managed to break the blue one … my favorite. I really wanted that round blue base for my totem, though. I don’t recommend you do this but I very carefully managed to break the rest of the clear glass off of the blue ball.

Step 4:

I started my garden totem with the glass platter at the bottom and then I added a round, clear glass candle holder/fish bowl. On top of this, I glued a heavy clear vase and then a smaller, deep blue vase.

I ended up moving my project inside because it was too humid out. Notice the condensation on the large clear vase? The silicone had no intention of drying so I just took the whole shebang into the house.

Since the silicone was not drying as quickly as I hoped, the heavy pieces at the bottom were not setting up. I held onto those pieces with a fan blowing on them for about 10 minutes which was enough to hold them together. Then I let it dry overnight before adding more glasses.

Step 5:

In the meantime, I managed to attach the blue glass ball to the bottom of my tall wineglass with a lot of silicone and a bunch of glass gems. This will be the very top of the totem.

Step 6: Finish Your Garden Totem

Once the individual pieces were firmly glued, I assembled all of the parts. Then I let the piece dry overnight to make sure it wouldn’t come apart.

I have enough pieces left over to make another one :)

Hope you enjoyed this tute!

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