Introduction: DIY Glitter Glow Lamp

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Glow Lamps are always cool , whether it be a lava lamp or a glitter lamp, it is always attracting fascinating to everyone. I personally love the lava lamp had made some when i was kid .
But those where big and bulky.
Glow Lamp which using chemical luminescent are sometime harmful for kid and may not be an easy to do DIY for all who are not accustomed to practice chemical reaction at home.
But wait.....

There is a solution if you had seen my old DIY glow stick you know it :)
Using the commonly available led we can create glow effect , but with the advantage of recycling and better life span.
Also this little lamp can act as a wonderful night lamp , i have been using it for some days i love the ambiance it produce.
Being Small it is very portable,it can be used in camping ,outdoors and parties.

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Step 1: Incredient

All the items are available easily in any market

  1. LED -I had couple of them lying in my house
  2. CR2032 3v cell - Can be bought from any electronics store .
  3. Glitter glue - I bought it from our local craft shop a year ago ,for my sister's project i had them also uselessly lying around in the house till i made the lamps out of it.
  4. Vaccine Bottle- A vaccine bottle is used for the this build , i got this from the vaccines that we had to buy for our dog. after cleaning it i had used it .

    Note:Clean the bottle properly . Also if any commercial way of buying same shape bottle is there do comment.

Step 2: Attaching the LED

The LED is attached to the rubber stopper that comes with the bottle. i just pushed the led back harder so that it can easily make holes itself by its legs.If does not work the way i did you can use Pin to make the hole it the rubber stopper.
Keep in Mind that if the hole is big water will leak out on shaking , so the hole should be made perfectly . A Little effort will make things work easily.

Also fill the bottle with water.The water should be such that it is not filled to the brim.

Step 3: Adding the Glitter

I used Glitter glue because of only one thing glue then the water will become denser increasing the glow.
Now just put the Nozzle of the glitter glue inside the neck so that it just touches the water level .Gently press the tube so that the glue drops inside and enter the water .
As soon as it enter the water press harder to penetrate deeper in water level.
After adding the amount you need release the tube and pull out.

The color of glitter should be same as that of the led else it wont look good

Step 4: The Last Step

Simply put the rubber stopper on the bottle neck and close it and its done


Shake it to a make it :)

The glitter wont be scatter unless the mixture is shaked well.
A proper shaking will make a lump that looks like the intestine in water to dissociate into smaller particle.
If the glue is thick then there is a probability for the glitter to settle down slowly than with less glue.
Trail and error is the best thing to find it out

Step 5: FUN Time

The best part comes to play with it,whether it is used to light up your room ambiance, or used at any party or may be at your special led light dinner .
The possibilities are endless let me know what you will be building out of it.
Being totally crazy by this lamp i called my friend to help me take a trail photo of my name.
i made couples of them and Gifted it to my friends .

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