Introduction: DIY Glitter Sphero Pumpkin Design

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As Halloween creeps closer, most of you are probably searching for carving tools and plump pumpkins to carve bats, ghosts, and witches to decorate your front porch. This year we've decided to add a little bit of shine to this dark holiday by creating glam pumpkins with our robotic friend Sphero as the main focus. If you would like to show your neighbors how awesome robotic balls are this Halloween, here is a step-by-step Instructable for creating your very own Sphero glitter pumpkin.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Small round pumpkin
2. Green glitter
3. Orange glitter
4. Blue glitter glue
5. White glitter glue
6. Elmer's Glue or Mod Podge
7. Foam brush

Step 2: Glitter Stem

To get the ball rolling, use your foam brush to paint glue on the stem of your pumpkin. It's best to decorate the stem first so your pumpkin isn't covered in green glitter when finished. After you have coated the stem with glue, cover the entire stem with green glitter until it is fully concealed.

Step 3: Glitter Pumpkin

In order to make your Sphero pumpkin shine extra bright, use your foam brush to generously coat the orange part of your pumpkin with glue. Next, shake as much orange glitter as you can onto the glue until every inch of your pumpkin's plain old orange color disappears and all that is left is a sparkling gourd.

Step 4: Adding Sphero

Although you have a sparkling pumpkin that could catch your neighbors' eyes, you still need to stimulate their minds with an awesome image of the robotic ball Sphero. As it is difficult to draw a perfect circle, we recommend printing off an image of Sphero that fits on the most round part of your pumpkin. Then, cut out the image of Sphero, hold the outer circle up to the pumpkin, and trace his circular face with blue glitter glue onto your pumpkin. Once his face is traced onto your pumpkin, use your cutouts of Sphero's eyes and trace each of his eyes onto your pumpkin in the correct spots. You may fill in his eyes with your blue glitter glue as we have done if you wish.

Step 5: Completing Sphero

To finalize Sphero's look, use your white glitter glue to fill in the empty space inside your blue outline of Sphero's face. With your finished glitter Sphero pumpkin, your front porch can be a little more bright, shiny, and robotic. Now you have a pumpkin. Evolved. 

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