Introduction: DIY Globe

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In this instructable, I will show you how to construct a globe out of a basketball.


  • paint colors green, blue, white
  • a sharpie
  • basketball
  • paintbrushes

Step 1: Find a Basket Ball and Supplies

find a basketball that's already mostly blue but any basketball will work and then get paint supplies

Step 2: Paint Time

paint the parts that are not blue yet

Step 3: Cut Out the Continents

the link for the cutout

find a coloring page with the continents on it and cut them out here is the one I used.

Step 4: Cut and Tape the Continents

now you want cut and tape the continents on the basket ball one at a time and then trace around them witha pen or sharpie

Step 5: Paint All of the Continents

you can paint them ant color u like but i did green and white

Step 6: Its All Done

it came out looking pretty good and actually looks like a globe

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