Introduction: DIY Glow Sticks

I learned how to make glow sticks recently in my chemistry class. you just need a few "simple" chemicals, your probably going to have to buy these chemicals online, unless you can get/steal them from your chemistry class. Also, these amounts of the chemicals only make a small glowstick that doesnt last that long to make it last longer you're going to have to add more chemicals. so you need:

-C12H12N2O3 (Luminal)  found here:

-NaOH (Sodium hydroxide) found here:

-H2 O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) found here: Any drug store

-k3Fe(CN) (Potassium ferricyanide) found here:

-50 ml beaker or graduated cylinder
-stir stick

Step 1: Mixing It Together

Now, mix everything together EXCEPT for the catalyst (the Potassium ferricyanide) 
Start with the 1.5 ml of Hydrogen Peroxide with the 40 ml of water, then mix in the  .04g of Luminal, and one piece or flake of Sodium hydroxide about the same amount as the Luminal. now mix the solution really well so its all dissolved, remember don't add the Potassium ferricyanide ytet (the orange stuff)

Step 2: Adding the Catalyst

Now when your ready add the catalyst, the Potassium ferricyanide, once you add this your solution will start to glow, the more you add the longer it will glow, but remember to put the solution you mixed in the previous step in what every you wanted to put it in.

Step 3: Finishing

Now you have completed your glow stick, have fun!

Step 4: Extra Fun

I was thinking and remembered that the reason why the solution glows is because the Potassium ferricyanide excites the electrons or something and makes them glow, and so i had the idea to run an electric current through it and it started to glow a bit, THEN i had the idea to tazer it, looked alot better, you can kinda see in the picture the blue glowing wire, it did look alot better in real life. but just have fun with it, it also looks really cool in the toilet, or on your skin.

Ask if you have any questions

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