Introduction: DIY GoPro GoPole for $10

Any GoPro owner must own a GoPole. It's one of the handiest tools in the GoPro game. One fault is how expensive they can be and how often people turn away from the product just because how overpriced it is. I have Created this instructable to show you how I made my GoPole for $10. The materials used can be found at your local store such as Walmart. No major power tools are required to complete this project.

Step 1: Materials

Materials: One expandable windshield wiper (Found in the Car wash area near the car soaps) - $4.97 One pack of Gorilla epoxy - $4.00 One 1/4 machined screw (I got a pack in 1/2 in length for $00.97) One PVC 1/2 inch cap (Found in pluming section of walmart and Home Depot) - $00.64 *Optional* Pack of bicycle handle grips for comfort and style - $8.00

Step 2: Step 2

STEP 2: unscrew the head of the windshield wiper leaving you with a threaded top.

Step 3: Step 3

STEP 3: drill a hole in the center of the PVC cap. Big enough to allow the threaded portion of the screw to pass through but not the head of the screw.

Step 4: Step 4 & 5

STEP 4: drop the screw into the cap so the head is flush with the bottom. STEP 5: mix up a little epoxy and fill up 3/4 of the cap with epoxy. Allow a minute or two to set up a little and insert the threaded top of the windshield wiper pole. Wipe away any excess dripping..

Step 5: Step 6 &7 Plus Optional Steps

STEP 6: hold the pole and cap together until the epoxy sets. While doing so make sure the pole is center in the cap so it is straight as can be. You will have time to perfect the position approximately four minutes until the epoxy hardens. STEP 7: allow the epoxy to cure for a day so the epoxy doesn't move when you attach your GoPro. While I waited I painted the PVC cap a nice gloss black. OPTIONAL STEPS: Handle grips are completely optional. I felt for $4 I could change the look and make it more comfortable it was was a no brainer for me. Rubber grommet glued to the top of the PVC cap will make your GoPro more stabilization and prevent any wiggling that may occur. I felt comfortable adding this to my go pole because the screw was a little too long preventing the bottom of the tripod mount on my GoPro to actually touch the PVC cap. So adding the extra surface area is completely worth the extra $00.30.
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