DIY: GoPro/Camera Clamp Mount - Under $2 - Assembly in Under 2 Minutes




Introduction: DIY: GoPro/Camera Clamp Mount - Under $2 - Assembly in Under 2 Minutes

Hey, I'm Doug and this is my first instructable! So let me get started!
So have you ever wanted to clamp your GoPro or Camera to something to get that perfect angle? Well this is the Cheapest and Easiest option. This mount will easily hold a GoPro and Smaller digital camera in any positon, and it will hold a DSLR Camera in the upright position! (Nikon D90) 

1 - 2" Spring Clamp : $0.99
1 - 1 1/2" Long Bolt - 
1/4" diameter, 20 threads per inch. (Standard Tripod Size) : $0.12
2 - 1/4" Hex Nuts : $0.05 each

Total: $1.22 (At my local Home Depot)

If you have a GoPro you wil need the Tripod Mount. Which is $6 on Amazon.
But well worth the investment. Almost all the DIY GoPro mounts i will feature WILL use it.

1 - Wrench (Optional)

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Step 1: Assembly

Get all the materials out.

Then put the bolt threw the hole which is in the clamp. 

Now fasten the nut on the bolt.

Tighten as much as possible. (With or without a wrench)

Step 2: You're Done!

You're Done!
Now just put your camera on and record!

Variations:You can get a bigger bolt if you want the camera to be higher off the clamp, like in Picture 2. (Its only about $0.20 more)

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7 years ago on Introduction

Just make sure you don't thread it in too deep- you can break/damage some internals. That's why the threads are so short on the commercial ones.

Other than that, I'm making this today, with a slightly different clamp!

Good idea, thanks!


9 years ago on Introduction

Elegant in it's simplicity. Perhaps a small ball head for a bit of articulation and you've got something extremely useful! Good job!