Introduction: DIY Gold, Silver & Copper Pendants

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You can make gold, silver and copper pendants easily by yourself, if you follow this ible. The only difference is that these pendants are way lighter than the real ones! you can fold and shape them with your hands! This ible will show you how to make stylish origami leaf pendant in few easy steps. You may also take help from this (origami leaf) ible.
So, collect as many chocolate foil wrappers as you can and start makin'em!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this origami pendant you'll need:

  1. Chocolate or candy foil wrappers (any color you want, I had gold, silver & copper),

  2. Paper/fabric stiffener or white glue and water mixture (50:50),

  3. Craft wire,

  4. Jewelry pliers,

  5. Paint brush.

(For best results, use foil wrapper that has an inner layer of paper as shown in the second picture of this step)

Step 2: Preparing the Wrapper

Take a chocolate wrapper and cut it into a rectangular (or slightly rectangular) shape.

Now, place the golden/silver side of the wrapper facing downwards.

Fold the wrapper into half to mark the center line and then unfold it. But before further folding you'll have to apply paper/ fabric stiffener all over the inner surface of the wrapper.

Water and white glue (50:50) mixture work as paper or fabric stiffener as well.

Step 3: The Origami Leaf!

Fold the wrapper from both sides equally after applying the stiffener, this is the first basic fold.

Again fold the foil paper into half (as shown in picture no:2 of the first picture). This is the second basic fold.

Now, start making small diagonal folds on the wrapper from a corner. Make sure to keep the folds thin and even (as shown in the second picture of this step).

Now carefully unfold the second basic fold and gently squeeze 2 sides of the folded wrapper to form a basic leaf shape (as shown in the last picture of this step).

It's almost ready. Wait for a while for the pendant to dry and get stiffened.

Step 4: Making the Pendant

You'll need a small pin to make hole in the leafs petiole.

Now insert a craft wire through that hole. Use the flat nose plier to bend the wire. Use the looping plier to make s small loop. Now coil the wire downwards to cover the petiole.

Attach a jump ring to complete the pendant.

There! Pendant is ready to use. You can make different sizes and shapes of leaves by adjusting the foil wrapper before making the origami leaf. Press the leaves gently to the required shape before they get stiffened. I made 2 more, a silver and a copper leaf pendant! They're really easy to make and look very stylish as well.

I hope you enjoy making them.

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