Introduction: DIY Putter

First Step:

Get all of your supplies.

-Sheet metal (any thickness)

-metal cutters ( anything to cut it)


-toothpick (to spread epoxy in small spaces)

-Door stop (used as the middle part that hits the golf ball)

-white marker (to mark the "sweet spot")

-spray paint (whatever color you want your putter to be)

-vise clamp

-threader (for the bolt)

-bolt (to go on the threaded part)

-grinding stone or electric grinder

Step 1: Draw Your Design & Cut

-Draw with a sharpie or pen

-Take metal cutters and cut out template

-Cut 2 out for top and bottom of the head

Step 2: Shaft

-You can buy a shaft or use one that you have laying around

-put the putter head in the vise clamp

-heat the hosel with the blow torch to remove the shaft

-leave the blow torch on the hosel for 20 seconds

-spin the club head off to get to the shaft

Step 3: Grinding

-grind down the minor edges with a grinding stone

-use an electric grinder for major edge trimming

Step 4: Drilling

-drill hole for shaft

-use a grinding tool for a drill to make the smooth inner edge

Step 5: Threading

- Thread the end of shaft using a thread tool

- Find bolt that fits the thread

Step 6: Installng Shaft

-put shaft through drilled hole

-put bolt on end of threaded shaft

Step 7:

Step 8: Installing Cavity

-cut out strips as long as the cavity is

-make sure strips of metal are clean using cleaning spray

-put strips of metal inside the cavity vertically

Step 9: Epoxy

-glue in the strips of metal

-make sure to get all sides of the strips

Step 10: Toothpick

-use the toothpick to get into small spaces

-slowly add epoxy

-don't over do it

Step 11: Paint

-use spray paint to paint club head

-make sure epoxy is dry first

-get all shiny parts of the club head

Step 12: White Marker

-get your white marker

-mark the middle part of the club head

-mark the top, middle part of the club head

Step 13: Finished Product

-check every step

-finished product

Step 14: Video