Introduction: D.I.Y Gravity Cable Cam

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This is a short instructable on my cable cam and how I made it. This cable cam balances really well with lightweight compact cameras and is made out of hardware store parts that are easily found and cheap. Hope this is useful to somebody!!!! P.S sorry I don't have any video footage yet I couldn't get them to work. ):

Step 1: Tools and Materials

All you need to make this is:
1 Pair of pliers
1 Flathead screwdriver
1 Knife or cutting tool
1 Compact and lightweight camera, The poloroid xs100 action camera works the best.

1 U-Bracket
5 Nuts to fit the threads on the U-Bracket
1 Hose clamp camera mount( Look up how to make one)
1 Pulley(Like the one in the picture)

Step 2: Make Camera Mount

This step is easy, Thread three of the nuts onto one side  of the U-Bracket and tighten. Then slip the hose clamp over the nuts and tighten it. The pics tell the whole story.

Step 3: Attach the Pulley

This step is also pretty easy, Just thread one nut onto the empty side of the U-Bracket, Slide the pulley on then put thread the other nut on. Than tighten all the nuts.

Step 4: Finished!!!!

Congratulations you have now made your very own cable cam.....Well probably not but reading this is a great start!!! Once you do build it go string it up between two trees and try it out!!! Thanks for reading!!! Please comment like and vote!!!

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