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Introduction: DIY Green Hedge on the Wall Itself

About: Necessity is the Mother of Inventions they say, I live in challenging land called INDIA. where the Sub par conditions like power issues, heat, Dust and environmental factors are just tough! and They have force…

There are two things that I am fond of, Greenery and Natural Privacy.
I always wanted some privacy around the perimiter of my house.
Why not get them both at once?

So there goes my MR.BRAIN for some hunt.
And I have an Idea......

(EDIT- 18 Month update is posted in last step)

Step 1: Talent Hunt

One main problem that I identified was lack of space. 
I did not want any plants on my ground. The garden was lush and it was not feasible to dedicate any real-estate for the hedge.


Yes it was possible!
I had a thick wall for the perimeter itself, giving me a platform 12 inches wide exactly where i needed (the compound itself) and it ran all around my house.
Next Issue was choosing the plant that will do fine with just 9 to 12 inches of space and still grow tall and lush.
Fortunately, God has given us so many handsome choices, and I did not need time to Select one.

I went for what is called as "Bambusa Tulda" the native Indian bamboo.

This is a well behaved and evergreen Bamboo and most suitable for my use

Did you know that, It was actually the first plant to re-green after the atomic blast in Hiroshima in 1945?
read more here-

Step 2: Lets Buy

My contender Being finalized as bamboo, I went to a local nursery and buyed dozens of plants at Rupees 7 per plant.

Step 3: The Place

Adding few pictures of the place for understanding

Step 4: Gather the Materials

Having the plants delivered, It was time to get to work!
i Can't just place them on wall and expect these babies to survive..
I had to make some Soil-retention mechanism and structural support for them.

Mr.BRAIN, we need you again!

I will be using metal sheets to generate a hollow space, about 25 inch deep, 12 inch wide, and 75~80 inches wide for each section. there are many such sections for a wall length 50 feet in total.

However, even treated metal sheets won't last much with prolonged contact with water and mud.
So I lined them with Plastic "Root/ Rhizome barrier"

Step 5: Affixing the Sheets

With the help of some strong men, I affixed the Plates to wall using my Drill gun and using 5 inch long screws to hold the sheets against pillars. Let the pictures guide you . Please view all of them and run your mouse over those squares for the guidelines.

Step 6: Installing Root/Rhizome Barrier

With the Metal sheets fixed, I Lined the interior space with Fiber sheets. 

Step 7: Planting the Little Babies

With the Fiber lined up, Dirt loaded in, It was time to put these little beasts into their place.
Simply spaced them 2 feet apart. Bamboos grow Quickly and will fill the whole canal in no time, with their Lush foilage and attractive clums.

Step 8: Results- 6 Months

Here are the pictures after 6 months of the Saplings being planted!

Step 9: Results- 12 Months

Breathtaking! The sleeping beasts are finally showing some Muscle. The Hedge has Grown about 8 feet above the wall!
Enjoy the photographs! There are many of them! Don't miss the macros too!

Two year results are going to be Mind-blowing It seems!

Step 10: 18 Months Update

Enjoy the pics!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice. I had something similar in my backyard for 15 years in TX. Then the bamboo started to creep in drought years (non-creeping bamboo). Then neighbors complained to HOA and I have spent a year cutting down 20 feet high bamboo. Going to building with it poles though.

    Zen Innovations
    Zen Innovations

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thats sad,
    If possible, Transfer the bamboos to large pots. They don't grow very tall and stay manageable in pots. Good luck.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    If I'm not mistaken, this is the same stuff that is causing havoc in Florida. They have a Bamboo from Japan that is wreaking havoc on the local fauna. They say it may even been worse than the kudzu in Georgia.

    Be awfully careful before trying something like this. You may end up regretting it.