D.I.Y Grounding Plate

Introduction: D.I.Y Grounding Plate

Grounding is practical, useful and sometimes necessary or even life saving. This instructable tells you how to build a grounding plate. Similar to the ones you see at most Firework factories and workshops dealing with micro-components. You usually put it near a door or desk to prevent damage to components or ignition due to ESD (electrostatic discharge)

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

A cardboard box measuring around 20x17 Cm (7.5x6.5) Ins

Aluminium Foil


Tape ( Electrical or Duct tape works best)

A 100k Ohm Resistor

Blue tack or double sided tape for mounting (optional)

A three pin plug (three blades)

Step 2: Prepare the Box

Open the box and make sure the shape is perfect

Close it and cover the top with foil and tape it on

Step 3: Prepare the Wire

break the wire to make a length about 5 Cm (2 Ins) long

Attach the wire to the foil from inside the box

repeat but attach on the opposite side

Join the two to the main wire and tape it down

Step 4: The Resistor

Make a hole in the base of the box and take the main wire through

After taking it through, tape it to the base and break again

Attach the two ends and to the resistor

Tape this assembly down

Step 5: The Plug

After taping the resistor down, attach the plug to the free end of the wire the wire should go to the Earth/ground pin (the top pin)

Remove the other two blades/pins

Step 6: Testing

You will be able to find many sites online that tell you how to test grounding

Step 7: Operation

Plug the plug in to a wall socket

Put your palm onto the plate

PS. Do not bypass the resistor or leave the two other pins in

They are both safety features

the resistor is to prevent shock in the event of a short circuit, if the wire touches the 2 other pins and they are connected you could die

Also, don't touch anything else when in contact with the plate

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