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Today we're going to show you how to make three different types of lawn games using dimensional lumber and a few power tools.

And if you get started now, you can have them done by the 4th of July.

Step 1: Watch the Video Above

Don't worry, it's short!

Step 2: Build a Giant Tower of Blocks

This one is fast and easy, and all you need are some loose 2x4's

Step 3: Gather Your Materials

You can build this game with almost any dimensional lumber you have laying around.

We used:

(7) - 2x4x96

Miter Saw (or any saw that can make straight, clean cross-cuts)

Cordless Sander

Step 4: Cut a Block From Your 2x4

In our case, we used normal 2x4’s, which aren’t exactly 2 inches by 4 inches.

Our board was 3 ½ inches, so we made our block 10 ½ inches long.

That way, three block will stack perfectly lengthwise across three blocks.

If your wood is wider or narrower, adjust your cut accordingly. (Multiply width times 3)

Step 5: Repeat Step 4... 53 More Times

Keep cutting 10 ½ inch blocks until you have 54 blocks. This makes the game 18 rows high.

Step 6: Sand Your Blocks

Sand all the sharp edges smooth.

Your feet will thank you when the tower eventually falls.

Step 7: Find a Friend and Play!

It helps to set the game up on a picnic table, milk crate, or stump.

Game Rules:

(Play requires at least 2 players, or teams with an equal number of players - i.e. 3 and 3)

1. Remove one block from any row below the highest completed level and stack the block on top perpendicular to the level below. (Some play only removing blocks below the top three levels).

2. Remove and stack one block per turn. (Make it more difficult by using only one hand)

3. You are allows to tap blocks to find a loose one for removal, but if you move one that you don't intend to remove, you must put it back before removing another.

4. Always complete each level with 3 blocks, before starting a new level.

5. Your turn lasts 10 seconds after you place your block on top of the tower or when the next player touches the tower.


Don't be the person (or team) to make the tower fall.

Step 8: Build Cornhole

This is a staple of the lawn game universe.

Step 9: Gather Your Materials

(4) - 2x4x96

(1) - 4x8 sheet plywood

(4) - 1/2x3 ½ inch carriage bolts

(4) - ½ inch fender washers

(4) - ½ inch wing nuts

(1) - Box of 3 inch or 3 ½ inch screws

(1) - Box of 1 ¼ inch screws

Table Saw or Circular Saw

6" hole saw and drill (optional)

Paint of your choice

Step 10: Cut the Boards

Take a sheet of ½ or ¾ inch plywood and cut it into 2, 24 inch x 48 inch sheets.

(in our case we used ¾ inch)

If you don't have a table saw or circular saw, no worries, most Lowe's stores can do this cut for you in the store.

Step 11: Make the Frame

Cut the 2x4's for the frame.

You'll need the following pieces:

(2) - 48 inch sides

(2) - 21 inch top and bottom

Screw these all together into a 24/48 inchrectangle.

Then, repeat this for the second board.

Step 12: Attach the Frame to the Board

Attach the sheet of plywood to the frame with screws.

Repeat for the second board.

Step 13: Make the Legs

Prop the back of the board 12 inches off the surface and measure the angle for your legs.

Our legs have an 8 degree cut and are 11 inches long from the long edge of the angle.

Measure 1 ¾ inches in from the square end and 1 ¾ inches from the side for your hole.

Drill a ½ inch hole for the carriage bolts.

If you want the legs to fold under the board when not in use, radius the ends with a jig saw or band saw.

Measure your frame the same distances to drill a matching ½ inch hole and use a ½ inch x 3 ½ inch long carriagebolt to attach the legs with a fender washer and wing nut.

Repeat for all legs on both boards.

Step 14: Cut the Hole

Once the legs are complete, measure down 9 inches from the top of the board and 12 inches from the side to make a center point for your hole.

Use a 6 inchhole saw to drill your hole...

...or draw a 6 inch circle with a compass and cut it out with your jig saw.

Sand any sharp or ragged edges smooth.

Repeat for the other board.

Step 15: Add Your Personal Style

You can add finishing touches such as filling screw holes, paint, or stain to give your board a personal look.

Step 16: Play Cornhole!

Check out the American Cornhole Association for complete rules.


Step 17: Build Ladder Golf

We've seen folks that keep a set of these in their vehicle at all times... just in case.

Step 18: Gather Your Materials

(4) - 3/4 inch x 10 foot PVC pipe (or 5...get an extra in case you make a bad cut.)

(4) - 90 degree 3/4 inch Fittings

(12) - 3/4 inch T-Fittings

(1) - Can PVC Cement

3/8 Nylon Braided Rope (at least 12 ft)

(12) - Golf or Tennis Balls (6 each of different colors for teams, or just paint the balls)

Step 19: Cut Your PVC Pipe

You'll need the following sections:

(14) - 24 inch sections

(12) - 12 inch sections

You can cut these with a PVC cutter, or a reciprocating saw.

This provides enough material for both ladders.

Step 20: Assemble the Ladder

Take (3) of the 24 inch and 6 of the 12 inch sections and glue them together using (2) - 90 degree fittings at the top and (4) - T-fittings in the center.

At the bottom, glue on (2) more T-fittings to hold the legs.

Do not glue the remaining 24 inch pieces. Leave these legs loose for easy storage.

Be careful with the glue. It takes a long time to get it all off your skin.

Repeat to make the second ladder.

Step 21: Make the Bolas

Drill holes straight through 12 golf balls to the width of your rope. (We used a 3/8 inch drill)

Cut 12 sections of rope24 inches long, and thread two golf balls onto them.

Tie knots before and after each ball to keep them from sliding down the rope.

Step 22: Try Tennis Balls Instead

Throwing golf balls around can be a little dangerous, especially with small kids, so try making your bolas with tennis balls instead.

Step 23: Play Ladder Golf!

Check out this Wikipedia article for the full game rules:


Step 24: Pat Yourself on the Back.

You've just made summer a whole lot more fun for your friends and family.