Introduction: DIY - Xbox360 to VGA Adapter

The idea came from a need from a college friend in need of video games on the cheap.

This is a very in-expensive project, mine was free because In had the parts sitting around.
You most likely do to. 

Allows a computer screen to be used as an HD TV for Xbox 360's.

List of Materials:
     -Computer Screen
     -VGA Cable (25 pin blue connector for computer screens)
     -Female Component Plugin (You can use a Female RCA, but this is more confusing as the colors do not match up.)
     -Soldering Iron (Recommended)
     -Sound System (If you want sound.)

     -Basic Soldering Skills
     -Need For An HD TV
     -Multi-meter or similar device
     -Hot Glue and Glue Gun

Step 1: Step One - Cut VGA Cable

This step is for the VGA Cable.

Cut the cable down to the size you want.
Make sure to have the connector to the computer screen still attached.

An acceptable length is 3 feet. More still works and may be more suitable for your needs.

Step 2: Strip the VGA Cable

This is one of the more difficult steps, but it is quite easy.

Strip about Two inches off.

Take a pair of scissors and carefully cut the outer plastic away.
The easiest way is to place the open scissors on the part you need.
Squeeze firmly and circle the cable.
Finally pull the plastic off.

First thing you'll notice is the metal shielding.
For this you do not need it. Pull it away from the wires and clip it off.

Step 3: Strip the Inner Wires

I emphasize this now. BE CAREFUL.
You do not want to cut through the wires.
Mostly so its more convenient.

As you may see there are numerous wires.
Your goal is to find six of them.
Luckily these tend to look quite different.
In my case these ones had grounding foil around them.
Since these tend to be the ones you're looking for start here.

When you strip these wires the first thing you should notice is there is possibly grounding foil surrounding an insulated wire.
Pull the foil to the side for later use.
This is the ground for the inner wire and is 100% needed.

Something you should notice you should notice is there are four wires that look different.
Another thing you should notice is the color of the inner wire. Three of the four should be colored: Red, Green, and Blue.
These are the three you want.

Next strip the inner wire.

Repeat this step for all three of these wires.

Step 4: Test the Wires

The idea here is to test the wires to find out where they connect.

Test the wires using a multi-meter set to resistance.

The three inside wires should connect to pin 1, 2, and 3 on the connector.
The three outside wires should connect to pins 6, 7, and 8 on the connector.

If they do not these are the wrong wires.
If they do skip the next step.

Step 5: Four Continued

If step four worked properly then skip this step.

This is the problem solving step for step four.

Strip all the wires and test them until you find the wires that match up to pins 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8.
Then move on.

Step 6: Soldering Time

Pretty much here is when you solder the connections together.

Pin One goes to Red Inside.
Pin Six goes to Red Outside.

Pin Two goes to Green Inside.
Pin Seven goes to Green Outside.

Pin Three goes to Blue Inside.
Pin Eight goes to Blue Outside.

Step 7: Stabilizing

This is where you hook it up to the computer and stabilize it.

The problem being is since not all the wires are hooked up the screen flashes black and should have a green tint.

To fix this click the menu button on the screen.(Note: The screen has to have an image to access the menu. Hit the center button on your Xbox controller as this tends to keep it stable long enough.)
 -Look through the options(This is usually in the advance settings menu.) until you find the setting to switch between RGB to YPrPb.
     change this to YPrBr.
 -This should stabilize the colors.
      If not contact me and I'll help you. 
 - Feel Free to adjust the color and brightness to better suit your preferences.

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