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Introduction: DIY Hair Tie Bracelets

Here is one of my favorite DIY's right now! I think these are awesome and add a little glam to normal hair ties. These are super cute bracelets but make great hair ties as well. I hope you enjoy these, please vote for these for the jewelry contest! It would mean a lot. Also, don't forget to show me a picture if you try this!! I love seeing different ways of making this with different hair ties and chains. This would make a perfect easy and quick stocking stuffer for a girl you know. The only problem with this for me is that my hair is too thick for this type of hair tie, so I wear mine only as a bracelet. Hope you enjoy this instructable, thanks for viewing!xox

Step 1: Supplies

1.) pliers
2.)a chain
3.) hair ties.

Step 2:

First take your chain and measure the top half of your wrist. Cut the link that is the one next to the link the covers your wrist perfectly. The picture shows an arrow so you can see a bit better what I mean

Step 3:

Open that link up and attach it to the hair tie.

Step 4:

Do the same with the other side :)

Step 5:

All done! I love how you can personalize these with different chains and hair ties and maybe even add some charms to chain if you won't use it as a hair tie. I hope you enjoyed this instructable, thanks for viewing!!

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