Introduction: DIY Halloween Creepy Jars

Make your own creepy halloween jars for under $7!! Simply steps with cheap items!

Step 1: Buy Jars

I bought all my jars from Salvation Army. Almost all my jars were around .50 cents- you can choose any type of jars you like. It doesn't matter the size or shape.

Step 2: Buy Dish Liquid and Cheap Creepy Crawlers

I bought both the dish liquid and the bugs from the dollar store for around $4.

Step 3: Insert Bugs

I simple packed the bugs into the jars and used the end of a paintbrush to move them were I wanted them to be

Step 4: Add Dish Liquid

Slowly pour dish liquid into jars- do this slowly because it causes less air bubbles to be trapped. After feeling jars , let them sit for about 45 minutes almost all the air bubbles will remove themself.

Step 5: Add a Stopper/ Topper

My bottles didnt come with a stopper so I made my own, I burnt a red candle and let the wax feel it up as much as I wanted - let wax dry completely and your done!!!
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