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When we first bought our house we needed some easy outdoor Halloween decoration last minute so we made these DIY ghosts. They've been stress tested for 4 years and they're still holding up great, so we thought they deserved their own proper tutorial!

Here's what you'll need:


Step 1: Make Ghost Head

The head of the ghost is made of plastic grocery bags that we had on hand. We put a bunch of bags into one until it was about the size we wanted. Then we taped over the whole thing with duct tape. This holds them together and also waterproofs it pretty well. After 4 years of keeping these up for 1-3 weeks each October, no water has gotten in. To make sure they're sealed, give the ball a squeeze and see if air comes out. Put a piece of tape anywhere air comes out.

You could also use an inflatable beach ball, a large plastic Christmas ornament, or a light toy ball for this step. Since we wanted to make lots of ghosts (we have a total of 6) and we wanted to keep out costs down, we tried to use things we already had.

Step 2: Make Hanger

We used a wire hanger to make our hanger (again, because we had a few on hand!). Cut out a piece that's 6 or so inches long using bolt cutters. Then use pliers to bend it in half with a pretty tight loop at the top of your bend.

About half an inch to an inch down from the top of your loop, bend the wire back out again. You'll now have a loop with 2 "arms" that stick straight out. Because the head of our ghost is curved, we bent a slight curve into those arms using the pliers. Then we attached it to the ball head with more tape.

Step 3: Add Fabric

Cut a tiny hold in the middle of each piece of fabric. This hole is for the wire loop to go through, so try to make it tiny so that the ball/head doesn't show through. Place the white fabric on first, then the sheer fabric on top.

Step 4: Eyes

We used black duct tape for the eyes because it was the color we wanted, it already had adhesive on the back, and it would hold up in the weather. My husband is not the best at cutting circles, but this step should be pretty easy. You could also get creative and do different styles of eyes or add spooky mouths!

Step 5: Hang

We hung these in a tree in front of our house with fishing line because it's pretty much invisible and very strong.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Hope you guys find this tutorial helpful as a last minute outdoor Halloween decoration project! We love these little ghosts and get compliments from the neighbors each year. Enjoy!

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