Introduction: DIY Halloween/Fallout Gore Bags and Skulls on a Pike Decor

We made Halloween Decorations! Goey Gore Bags and Skulls on a Pike! We used spray foam and tools found around the garage.
Happy Halloween!

Step 1: Goey Gore

Parts list:
Plastic (locally sourced) skulls and bones in net bag
Exacto knife
PVC pipe to stake skulls on
Saw to cut PVC
Spray foam
Extra netting if needed
Fluffy paint brush
Paint - we used red, dark red, green, dark green and greenish yellow
Black spray paint
Spot to hang Gore Bags to dry (we used a ladder)
Cover or board for underneath Gore Bags (for the mess)
Clamps to hang up the Gore Bags to dry

Step 2: Goretastic Gore Bags!

Empty the bones from the net bag. Blow up your balloon and tie it off. Place balloon in net bag and selectively place skulls and bones around the balloon. No need to cover the balloon. Using the clamps hang up the Gore Bags and prep area for spray foam.
Open up and shake the spray foam. *Wear all the protective gear the instructions tell you too!* Followingy foam instructions insert the end into the Gore bag netting and spray away. Cover any spot that you can see the balloon and fill in any gaps between bones.
Remember this stuff does grow and expand so it should look pretty goey and goopy!
Let the spray foam dry according to the cans directions.
Once dry spray all that spray foam with black spray paint. * Again wear the protective saftey gear like the can tells you too!* This will give you a great base to see all the details of your Gore Bags. If you hit a skill or bone, that's ok. This is to look goey and gross! Let the paint dry according to the can

Step 3: Gore-riffic Skulls on a Pike

Cut down the PVC to the length you need. **Tip if you cut on an angle it will skewer into the ground easier. Also be safe when using a saw!
Carefully score the top and bottom of each skull you want on the Pike. We did 3. Put each skull on the Pike thru your holes from the exacto knife.
Prep area for a mess! Use spray foam to fill around each skull and glue it in place. Let some spray foam drip down, but you don't need too much for this. Let dry.
Again like before, spray paint the spray foam black. **Wear a mask! Let dry.
Paint the black with multiple tones of the same color - ie red, and dark red.
***Tip mix water and red paint in a cup and then dump down over the skulls for an extra runny bloody mess!
***Another tip load your brush and flick the bristles at the skulls for blood splatter effect!
Let dry and place out front with the rest of your Halloween decor! Happy Haunting!

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