Introduction: DIY Halloween Lampshade

This is the perfect accessory for all those Halloween lovers out there. I previously made this lampshade using some twigs, leaves, and some 3D printed lampshade connectors. Since Halloween is approaching, I decided we should add some 3D printed Batman emblems which will reflect nicely on the wall.

Here are the things you will need:

- 3D printed batman emblems, I used 4 but you can use up to 15
- Sisal rope
- A hot glue gun to hold the rope to the twigs
- Last but not least, a lamp that works

Step 1: Making the Lampshade Frame

As I stated before, I previously made an instructable on how to make the lampshade, but without the sisal rope and Batman emblems. Here is a link to make the lampshade on instructables.

Step 2: 3D Printing the Batman Emblems

After making the lampshade frame, you will need to get the Batman emblems, you can find them here. If necessary, use Treatstock's 3D printing network instructable.

Step 3: Attaching Sisal Rope to the Lampshade

Now that you have the lampshade frame and the Batman emblems, you will need to wrap some sisal rope around some of the twigs to place the emblems in. I used a hot glue gun to attach the rope each time I wrapped it around the twigs.

Step 4: Placing the Batman Emblems Between the Rope

Once you have wrapped the sisal rope around the twigs of the lampshade, take the Batman emblems and place them between the rope.

Step 5: Enjoying Your New Halloween Themed Lamp

When you are finished with all the steps, turn the lights in the room off and turn the lamp on, the reflections of the emblems on the wall are pretty awesome looking, it will add some spookiness to the room. You can also check out more of my fun 3D printed models at my shop. Happy Halloween!

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