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Hi guys, this is my favorite time of year, Halloween. Over the years I have made several projects for Halloween. Well, this year I made a Wooden Mummy. It's made from some scrap wood I had left over from a project.

In this Instructable, I will try my best to show how easy it is to make one. This is a easy, DIY project, with limited tools.

I have also included the video from my YouTube channel.

Step 1: What's Needed

You will need the Following:

a piece of plywood, around 37" long by 9" wide


Table saw

Miter Saw

pencil or marker

Nail gun with nails or Staples

Outdoor Glue

White Spray Paint

Black Craft Paint

Paint brush


Googly Eyes

Step 2: Pattern

I had a piece of left over 3/8" thick plywood from working on my house. It was 37" long by 9" wide by 3/8" thick.

Draw you an outline on the board of a Mummy, with a pencil or marker, this doesn't have to be perfect.

Then cut it out with a Jigsaw.

It should look similar to the last picture.

Step 3: Rip Strips

Now take another piece of plywood, and rip some strips, about 1 1/4" wide.

Then cut the strips down different lengths, just like the above pictures. You want the strips to hang over each side, to be trimmed later.

Step 4: Attach the Strips

Align your strips, like the pictures above. Apply glue and nails.

Note if you don't have a nail gun, use clamps or weights.

Allow the glue to dry overnight, or at least a couple of hours

Step 5: Cutoff Excess

After the glue has dried overnight, flip the board over, and trim off the overhang, with your Jigsaw.

Step 6: Sand

Hand sand over the entire piece, to remove some rough edges from the Jigsaw.

Note this doesn't have to be smooth.

Step 7: Paint

Now we need to paint the mummy. I am using Rustoluem White Spray paint, a flat color. Don't spray to much, you want the feel of old bandages. Spray one coat and let let soak up into the wood. If needed, spray another coat within a hour.

After the White paint has dried, I took some Black craft paint, and painted the area where the eyes will be.

Step 8: Eyes

Now glue the Eyes in place, I used some super glue.

Note you could also paint the eyes.

Step 9: Finished

Well here it is setup in front of my house, with my other Halloween projects. I think it turned out ok, this is a simple DIY project. Thanks for checking out my Instructable.

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Happy Halloween

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