DIY Halloween Party Decoration Ideas - Dry Ice Tutorial



Introduction: DIY Halloween Party Decoration Ideas - Dry Ice Tutorial

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! Check out these fun and spooky ideas you can use dry ice for your next party!!

Check out the full tutorial here:

Step 1: Be Prepared and CAUTIOUS!

Before starting, you need to understand how dangerous DRY ICE can be if you aren't cautious! For extra caution I've used:

- Gloves

- Tongs

- Protective Eye Glasses

Make sure you do not have ANY direct contact with your skin because it will BURN :P

Step 2: Make Bloody Vampire Fruit Punch

To make this Bloody Vampire Fruit Punch, it is super easy! I poured in soome ready made fruit punch and added one can of 7-up! Add in some alcohol if you really want to spice things up ;)

If you want the drink to be extra cool, add in a cup of regular ice :)

Step 3: Prepare the Smokey Bloody Vampire Fruit Punch Bowl

To add some spooky effect you will need a separate and larger bowl than what you will use for the fruit punch itself.

In the larger bowl you will need to start slowly adding in the dry ice. I started off with about 1/3 cup of dry ice.. As you place it in the bowl you will notice some smoke coming out of the ice. That's how COLD it is!!

Step 4: Pour Over Warm Water

Right before you are ready to serve the drink, place over some warm water to get the foggy smoke effect.

TIP: The warmer the water the more smoke you will get ;)

Step 5: Serve the Fruit Punch

Alright now it's time to deliver the Bloody Vampire Fruit Punch to your guests ;)

Place the fruit punch bowl over the dry ice. Be a little cautious so the water doesn't drip over and ruin your table decor :)

Step 6: Fuming Jack'O'Lantern

I love how this turned out!

Step 7: Draw Out Pumpkin Face

Choose the creepiest looking pumpkin design you can find and start stenciling it out on the pumpkin itself.

Step 8: Carve Out the Pumpkin

Next you want to carve out the pumpkin design to get it looking as creepy as you can and make sure to clean out all the seeds from inside and wash it out,

Step 9: Place a Bowl Inside the Pumpkin

I created a back door for the pumpkin so I can easily place the bowl inside. Place some warm water and a hand full of dry ice and you are ready to impress your guests!

Step 10: Happy Halloween :)

I love the pumpkin effect at night, rather than placing a candle to light it up the pumpkin the dry ice did all the amazing work of impressing the trick or treaters and my party guests!!

If you want to check out the full tutorial check it out here:

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