DIY Halloween Costume! Monarch Butterfly | Under 3$ With Garbage Bags!?




Introduction: DIY Halloween Costume! Monarch Butterfly | Under 3$ With Garbage Bags!?

Hi guys! We are officially in Halloween month so I decided to bring you this really affordable Halloween costume. All you are going to need are some color plastic rolls in black, orange and white. To make it extra inexpensive I decided to use garbage bags but they turned out to be quite sheer so I recommend using something a little more opaque.

First of all I made my template on a newspaper. For this I just copied one of the wings of the butterfly of this picture. Remember to start with a pencil and then go over your design with a marker. Then I cut out the outline.

Then I took one of the black garbage bags with the opening on this side and outline the shape of the butterfly. I used a silver marker for this but any non black permanent marker will work here. Cut, unfold the bag and you will have your butterfly’s base.

Then, I took the template again and put an orange bag on it. As the plastic was sheer I could trace the shape of the orange part like this but later on I had to use a couple of layers so that the orange parts were opaque. If your plastic is completely opaque you can cut the pieces from the template and trace then onto your plastic. Then cut them out.

The next step is gluing the orange piece onto the black plastic. To make it easier I placed first the orange pieces on the template and then passed them to the black part. If you do this with a garbage bag like me you will have two layers for each piece. Then repeat for the other wing.

To make the white dots I just used the lid of my glue stick to trace the shape, then cut and glue them in place on the black part, I also made two larger circles for the two sides.
Finally I used double sided tape to stick my black dress to the wings and I also sewed a couple of stitches at the top part so it was more secure.

To make the costume more comfortable, I attached an elastic band with another piece of the black plastic to the edges of the wings. And the costume is complete.
For the makeup you can do something super bright or go dark like me.

So I hope you liked this video and don’t forget to thumbs up if you want to see more costume ideas.  if you have any request leave it in the comment section and thanks for watching!

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    7 years ago

    I'm so doing something like this for Halloween. Budget's super tight, but who says I can't still dress up?


    8 years ago

    Great idea! This could be something for my daughter as she wants wings to go with her Maleficent horns.